Dance Parties: a collegiate must.

Hello, reader(s?)!

Sorry about Marissa and I being oh-so-incognito the last few days. Sadly, Marissa’s professors have being pretty Snape-like ( Yes, I like to pretend New College is Hogwarts sometimes/all the time) and assigning her feet upon feet of parchment for class. Meanwhile, I’ve apparently had enough time to help my friend out in eating some  Ben and Jerry’s Marzipan ice cream (following my own advice?!), doing yoga, attempting to read some Dostoevsky “short stories” (144 pages long is not short. Sorry, it just isn’t), and making a whole lot of these videos:

Please excuse my general disheveledness. A friend wanted to see how large my white girl ‘fro could get, and thus I reaped the benefits of having that kind of hair all day. Ahahahaha! 🙂 Also, please notice that at the end I mouth the words”No one wants to be my friend”.  Hahaha, they must’ve been intimidated by my dance moves.

I apologize for the lack of sound. I didn’t know how to work my laptop’s microphone until about…4 videos later! We were dancing to The Wiggles soundtrack I conveniently have on my iTunes, so just try and imagine what it would sound like.

Sorry this is such a short post! After I finish my “short story” tonight I’ll be able to type up the exciting post I have hiding up my witch cloak’s (See, there it is again.) sleeve!

Until then,



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