Home is where the edible food is.


Aaaaaaaaah, Home. It’s a basic necessity of college living to be able to escape from the collegiate “bubble” for time to eat food that hasn’t been sitting in a hot dish for godknowshowlong, read some non-required reading (Guess who squealed when she got a delivery from her local library when she got home?! This dork right over here),  and sleep peacefully in a bed you don’t have to worry about what the previous user’s showering habits were.

So Marissa, Jordan ( my roommate whose dress was luckily graced by globules of peanut butter, as mentioned before) and I decided to make a mass pilgrimage with some chivalrous gentleman friends to my hometown of Orlando, where you can hear the roar of roller-coasters from my high school English class room as well as see THE HOGWARTS CASTLE they’re building at Universal studios from it as well! I might’ve done a happy dance or two upon first sighting it into town. And cried. And whimpered.

BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. So upon entrance into my humble abode we decided to make it a supreme ladies’ night full of classy dining and high class entertainment (Enter: old episodes of “Legends of the Hidden Temple”, “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” and Charlie Brown specials galore).

Marissa decided to whip out her fancy meal-makin’ skillz out of her renaissance faire gown’s sleeves.

newcollege2 072

newcollege2 077

I made a cameo appearance with production of the infamous pee-alterer, roasted asparagus, with some good ol’ EVOO, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, and spices out the wazoo. Also, I made a salad that was admirably half goat cheese, half spinach 🙂 Daggone ridiculous, indeed. newcollege2 090

newcollege2 084 


Classy elephant spoon! ❤

newcollege2 091

Pepper Butt!

newcollege2 075

I kind of cried when I saw this as well…

newcollege2 086

Tank, my BFFL, was there for emotional support during the cooking process.

newcollege2 078 We kept Jordan around because her DJ-ing made us feel oh-so classy with constant Billie Holliday and Peggy Lee tunes. And she’s purdy to look at.



newcollege2 099

Bon appetit, mes petits chou-chous! ❤

newcollege2 101



Home is also a lot more things to me besides food ( WAIT, WHAT?!)

It is:

newcollege2 103My beautiful and sinister-looking book shelf.

newcollege2 082  Coloring! (Insert comment on my evident Peter Pan’s syndrome here)


AND FINDING THIS JUICY MORSEL ON MY DOORSTEP. Forgive me if I’m incognito for the next few days as I will be most likely be paying homage to Audrey Niffenegger’s new book. 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed our successful culinary tirades. It’s back to the “bubble” in a few hours. Our gentleman callers will be coming to fetch us and we’ll be back soon with a Halloween costume update on our somewhat typical skank-alicious costumes 😉

Question: What’s home to you? Is it using a different color toothbrush ? A big bowl of oatmeal? Watching dust collect on your brother’s ab- roller?




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