Photos du Jour 11-13

  11: 28 December 2009 While my mother is away (and brings home leftovers from work), the Mackenzie (and her handy dandy sharpie pen) will play. I had a little too much fun labeling all of the take-out containers…? I give you, “Blackeyed Hoez”, “Pastafarian salad” and “Aw (yeaaaaah!) gratin potatoes”. What can I say, […]

Photo du Jour: 05

…Can I just say that I love my elementary school alma mater (I ALWAYS want to say that last word like “may-ter”, as my mom is from the south and Tomato= Tomater/’Mater and Potato= ‘Tater. Guilty as charged. Homegirl can’t be eloquent all of the time). I walked by this sign about five times today […]

Photo du Jour: 04

  I just couldn’t decide which picture to choose for the day, but I could decide what word brought them all together. SINISTER. Probably one of my favorite words, not gonna lie. So fun to say, even if it makes absolutely no sense in your sentence. “Girl, your shoes. They are so fab. I might […]

Photo du Jour: 03

After a semester of reading the Big guys, aka Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, I’m glad that I found out that Meg Cabot produced about 5 more Princess Diaries books that I haven’t read since I started reading them when I was 12. Totally reading all of them. Totally miss my brother, as the monkey […]