Pimp mah’ Dorm!

Greetings, all!

I hope you all appreciated my rap yesterday. I hope that one day I get my rap skillz up to the calibur of the great Bill Cosby ( WHO APPARENTLY IS STARTING A RAP CAREER!?!).


I mean, we both eat ice cream the same way, so I think we’d be a perfect rapping match? Amirightoramiright?!

But meanwhile, back at the ranch!

It’s a mixed subject when it comes to decorating your dorm as a college student. “Where should I put my Che Guevara poster?” and “Where should I put my 3 foot hookah?” are two questions that might plague the students of many colleges, especially my own, where the scent of patchouli permeates the air and you can hear the pitter-patter of Birkenstocks far and wide.

All I can say is that I’m definitely not the minimalist when it comes to decorating. I’m surprised that people don’t get seizures when they see my corner of the room:

newcollege2 005 Welcome to Chez Pei dorm 129:

newcollege2 011 Where our fellow roommates feel at home and comfortable and not paranoid when they take naps ❤

newcollege2 114 Where the magic happens, as in where I listen to my Harry Potter wizard podcasts in secret and eat most of my peanut butter stash. Please take note of the fabulous pink Slanket my mother got me that has Changed. My. Life. and modeled by RoommateWendy below:

newcollege2 025 

My desk is actually where the real magic happens, as in where I watch 30 Rock reruns and color in my coloring books. Ah, the life of the college student whose schedule is miraculously easy first semester. ❤

newcollege2 065Behold, my mountain of books, the Nannerpus I woke up to (lovingly made by my roommate) that morning and one of my (MANY) gnomes. Yeah, I’m one of those creeps.

Still confused as to why I have a smiley faced banana peel on my desk?Oh, I can explain. It’s real love.

newcollege2 069  Enter stage left… The Best Lamp Ever. Also a contribution of the beloved Maman de Mackenzie. I lovingly refer to her as “Tranny Cow”. Too fierce.

newcollege2 070 These prison dorm walls can tend to not get your fancy tickled, as hospital walls aren’t really all that majestic to look at, enter my Wall of ADHD. It’s mostly covered in postcards from my penpals (Dork!) motivational words o’ wisdom, Hilary Duff (What can I say? She’s motivating!) and my muse, Tina Fey.

newcollege2 083

Yes, that really does say “PRAISE BE TO TINA!”. I’m hell bent on meeting her, being her BFF and evah and evah and going on coffee dates with her, talking about boys, life  and Tracy Morgan until we wet ourselves in laughter and /or have a pillow fight.

newcollege2 060
The dreaded shower chart. Not gonna lie, sometimes this is definitely needed. Just sayin’. Plus, it’s fun to get a “You Remembered!” or “Rub a Dub Dub!” sticker everyday, right?

Welcome to Tchotchke-ville, Population: I’m too embarrassed to say:

newcollege2 074newcollege2 081 The Infamous Quote board. When you live with 3 other girls and multitudes of other nomads, there are bound to be a ridiculous amount of stupid stuff said. Take note of my “I’m not gonna lie, peanut butter and Harry Potter are deal breakers for me” quote gem. newcollege2 094 

newcollege2 079 Two of my favorite things: gnomes and “Ta-da!” lists ( as in, to do lists but without the dread! If you look closely you’ll see “color in coloring book” on there. No lie.)

Outside of Tchotchkeville, there is a wonderful peaceful land called MarissaandClaire’s Utopia, where happiness and cleanliness coexist as one:

newcollege2 116newcollege2 101 newcollege2 111newcollege2 112newcollege2 106

newcollege2 107Check out the classy view they have from their balcony. That brassiere has literally been hung up there by their upstairs neighbors since the first week of school. Classiness at its finest. 

newcollege2 099Look, ma! No Che Guevara poster! 

newcollege2 105

Mah fave. Claire’s grass plot. We gon’ hide eggs there for Easter for us little kiddies to scavenge for! newcollege2 113

….and proof that we actually do work here at New College, not just underwater basket weaving and tree hugging! These books were for ONE paper, beeteedubs.

I hope you all enjoyed my little impromptu tour guide of my little hovel that is the place where all the magic happens in terms of me coloring for hours, pretending to study, as well as hoping that my acceptance letter to Hogwarts got lost in the mail and that I in fact am a witch.

 Love love love!



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