These are a few of my favorite things:


Hello, darlings!

Inspired by the ridiculous amount of times I’ve heard “My Favorite Things” and having it passed off as a Christmas song, I thought I’d compile my own list (Suck it, brown paper packages tied up with string! Suck it hard!).

1. Mr. Tumnus, from “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. I mean, who can deny a multi-talented (Oh boy, play that pan-pipe!) and heavily goateed faun?! Not this girl.

LucyMrTumnus_410“Hey Mackenzie, I’ve got a package for you…” 

2. Messing up the formerly smooth top on a jar of peanut butter. ( HOW SURPRISING?!?!) I usually sigh a little whenever I have the chance to open up the jar first!  🙂


3. My lumberjack hat. I have no words. I think this picture explains enough.  Yes, the Pikachu doll in the picture was necessary, as was the bullfighter jacket.


4. Books. This is a given. I was totally one of those kids that racked up the reading points you got for reading the really lengthy books and then cashing them in to get SWEET prizes ( Holla, Skydancer Barbie and year old gum!) I already have a ridiculous list full of non-required reading for me to pilfer through over Christmas break. I’m not lying. I’m also kind of addicted to Paperback Swap and Goodreads and looking at these famous libraries Oh, and a new fave has to be The Book Seer. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. 🙂 When I was little I definitely dreamt about having a bookshelf like the one in “Bedknobs for Broomsticks”  (Tricked out with 3+ stories and with a ladder and everything!). Until that day, I shall gaze upon this juicy nugget. Drool.


5. Tickle fights. Once again, no explanation needed.


6. Good grammar. I don’t know about you, but I  whip around like a German Shepherd on a drug smuggler if I see anyone misuse “their” “there” and “they’re” as well as “your” and “you’re”. I also have to admit that I’m one of those types that tries to make a game out of finding typos in books and newspapers and marking that up with red pen . 🙂


“Yo MC, what can’t I end a sentence with? A PREPOSITION!!”

7.Anything holiday themed, especially snack cakes. I’m such a sucker for cutesy marketing. Seriously. If any company slaps a maple leaf, leprechaun, valentine’s day heart, or sprig of holly on any food item I will want it. I’m a health nut by nature, but can’t help but open up my heart and my stomach for some clever marketing.

treecakes_vanFreaking Christmas tree cakes will be the death of me. I will get buried with them, like pharaohs did with their most treasured items.  Fo’ reals.

8. Puppy kisses. Except my own puppy is more of an old geezer. Whatever. To me he will always be “aged like
a fine wine
”.  He be mah best friend and he never gets T.O’d at me when I awaken him from his deep naps that he sneakily takes on Mamasita’s bed.
new college 022 His look says “If you aren’t dog food, get the hell out of my face”. True love.

Thoughts of Christmas tree cakes and old geezer dog kisses fill my heart with hope that my last Shakespeare paper of the semester will not make my heart grow two sizes too small and cause me to steal the toys of small children! I’m heading back to the Fanny-pack-clad tourist town of Orlando, where I shall be able to bond with my dusty neglected books, and hopefully bond with a jar of peanut butter as well as some friends who wouldn’t be opposed to tickle fights!

Peace out, homeslices!



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