Craftnanza 2009!

Howdy there! 🙂

Things have been quite hip and happenin’ down here in my hometown of O-Town, where tourists often look clueless as they cross the street in beach shorts and velcro sandals in the middle of December. I’m sorry that I momentarily reverted back to my metaphorical hovel for a few days. Yo’ girl has been crafting up a near literal storm. I’ve been as industrious as a German Businessman at my little makeshift desk, home of the fabled Craftnanza, where it is rumored that no one leaves without hot glue gun burns, paper cuts, or a pair of googly eyes ominously stuck to your underarm and you don’t know exactly how it happened…blogpost 039 Awwwww, yeaaaaaaah…

So much magic has been happening there that last couple of nights, fo’ sho. I mean, check out those classy Klimt topless women. Barry White would be proud.

Being in this hovel can be a bit claustrophobic, which explains my momentary escape from my current blogging locale to…


Wait for it…

blogpost 082

Wait for it…

blogpost 081 

YES! My roof. 

blogpost 089  Which besides the fact that it majestically has internet, also gives me a great view of the large hamlet of Dr. Phillips and a view of some very frisky squirrels.

 blogpost 096


  This was obviously before I was disturbed by the scandalous events pertaining to the squirrels. My virgin eyes were quite tainted, to say the least.

Back at the ranch! Besides finding out the obvious perks of rooftop blogging, Craftnanza 2009 has been wildly successful.

What is Craftnanza you ask? Well, Craftnanza is basically the time between Winter break and the end of it, in which I pretty much hand-make all of my Christmas gifts to people and craft up a storm in general.

Craftnanza 2009, although it somewhat sounds like an event where scantily clad girls go around and beg for beads, it really is just that; but you don’t have to take your top off in order to get them, you just have to promise to hot glue them to something like felt, put string through it, or otherwise craft the living daylights out of them.

Ready to see the bounty of Craftnanza 2009?!

First up, the wildcard float of the event:

blogpost 051

Papuh’ Cranez.  Thanks to T. Swift and Ben Folds’ Acapella album, I was album to produce this lovely paper crane mobile in about 3 hours. ‘Twas a labor of love to see all of my little crane buds develop their own personality.

blogpost 045


blogpost 058I give you… Innapropriate Crane Couple. You know the type. Always making out like they just discovered lips for the first time, can’t stand to be apart, are constantly saying “Isn’t he/she adorable?!?!” after every sentence their significant other says, amongst other things I shall not mention and I’m pretty sure you can gu

blogpost 059 Next up, Kamikaze Crane buds. Sadly, these little guys just didn’t want to fly with their other minions/ I couldn’t get them to change their direction and thus life for them was not worth it anymore.blogpost 060

Lastly… MiSs InD3pEnDenT Crane. She just wanted to break loose from the cross stitching hoop I attached her to, telling me I don’t “know her life” and “to get out of her face”. She be too big for her crane britches, if you ask me.


Next up: Tote bag float!

blogpost 061  Silhouette tote. I’m trying to sell this one fo’ DoLla DoLlA Billz, so I can visit my BFF Cole in Bawstun, as well as go to the Harry Potter Exhibition!  (Seriously).Holla at your girl, if you’d like to make an offer 🙂

blogpost 066 A remake of this Klimt print:

blogpost 040

Awwww . Klimty, I like yo’ style and I like yo’ class ❤

blogpost 067 I legit spent nearly an hour doing all of those lines by hand. Labor of love! ❤

This bag is also one that I’m hoping to sell and it will most likely be done by Thursday! Feel free to make an offer, if you’d like it 🙂

Last but not least: SCARVES! What can you expect from a Spinster in training?

blogpost 071blogpost 075blogpost 077    Yeah, check out them tasseling skills! 🙂 Each of these are also for sale. I’m hoping to sell each of them for $12-15 each. $12 for the 1st and 3rd, $15 for the HOGWARTS SCARF!)  🙂

Hope you all enjoyed my crafting endeavors! I can ensure you that I have not been engaging in any scandalous things in order to get (craft) beads or getting crunk 😉



blogpost 003 Rico Suave Tank, the dog says “Come hither…” in his most Barry White voice possible.

Until later!



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