Photo du Jour: 04


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I just couldn’t decide which picture to choose for the day, but I could decide what word brought them all together. SINISTER. Probably one of my favorite words, not gonna lie. So fun to say, even if it makes absolutely no sense in your sentence.

“Girl, your shoes. They are so fab. I might even say, they are TOTES sinister”.

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Each of them had some sort of sinister quality to them; the black and white trees that I actually didn’t have to use some monochromatic setting on my camera to get the effect(SUH-WEET!), the water flooded canoe that was chained up en route to my favorite dock (DOUBLE SUH-WEET), and the silhouette of my favorite tree that I affectionately call “Whompy”, after The Whomping Willow of Harry Potter fame (Could you expect anything less?).

The latter looks the most sinister as you can’t see the freakin’ INTENSE rootage that rises up from beneath the earth, looking like it’s going to swallow you up as soon as you turn around to admire a fluttering bird or something.

Serious business.



2 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: 04

  1. Your photography is amazing! I always look forward to new posts from you guys. And the way you say “totes” is nothing to apologize for- it is a way of life.

    • gahahahah, i cannot even lie. my vocabulary has seriously degraded since i’ve come to new college in favor of the usage of “totes”, “hella”, “freakin'”, “super” in front of every and any adjective, as well as the ever mature poop-talk.


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