Photos du Jour 06-10

Howdy! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Eve Eve’s, Christmas Eves, Christmas Days, Boxing days, and your Post-post Christmas day! 🙂 I sure did. Let me just say that a pair of footed pajamas and a bowl of gingerbread cake and ice cream had my name on it 🙂 Without further ado, the photos du jour for the last few days of my sugar-induced blogging coma!

photo du jour 06 : 23 December

blogpost 006  A lazy day consisting of writing for hours (drool!), playing dat ukulele <3, and eating a junkload of chocolate, all under my ratty quilt that I love ever so much. Do not fret, I was equipped with one of my handay danday “Ta-Da!” lists so I stayed productive like a little German businessman  🙂

photo du jour 07: 24 december

blogpost 011 When life, or your older brother in this case, gives you and your mother a matching pair of footed pajamas, YOU WILL make a reference to the ever so amazing “Tizzle Wizzle” show on SNL a few weeks back. See, there is a real reason why I’m prancing around my house with a knife!

photo du jour 08: 25 december

blogpost 019 Schmoozin’ with the fam fireside all day with a fire via my laptop to keep us nice and toasty in this Floridian…heat? I would’ve gotten pictures of my mom and I sneaking into multiple movies all day, but you know it’s kind of inconvenient to ask the cops pulling you out of the theatre to take a picture of you  while you slyly migrate from theatre to theatre, ya know?!blogpost 031

Also, this one practically made my life. My mom and I kept launching our wrapping refuse at Tank while he napped and brooded like the angsty dog that he is. This is him right before he pulled out his Glock on us. It was like a scene out of “8 Mile”, I swear.

photo du jour 09 : 26 december

blogpost 044

Craftnanza part II?!?! Oh, yes ma’am!

photo du jour 10: 27 december

blogpost 050 Feelin’ a bit nastay today and sick as a dog. Thought a little pomegranate choppin’ was in order to antioxidize mah’self.  Little did I know that whenever you cut pomegranates, it’s inevitable that your kitchen as well as you in general will look like a part of a crime scene or a character in Sweeney Todd.

Or a scene out of “8 Mile”.


I’ll be back later with a Christmas update, blogfriends! 🙂



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