Tales of a lazy college student

Yeah, so I’m out too.

After reading my dear friend Chelsea’s post about the coma that is the days after Christmas and leading up to New Years and going back to school I had to fess up. Well, I ain’t gon’ lie. I’ve been totally soaking my laziness up like a package of Brawny paper towels.

If my mother was creepily looking over my shoulder as I type this post she’d say “Awwww yeaaah!” in true Barry White fashion. Like mother, like daughter 🙂


What exactly have I been doing? Besides having the “Oh, yeah. What am I doing with my life?” talk with good ol’ Mamasita Filson and puppy snuggling,  a whole lot actually. Let’s take a stroll down my Brawny paper towel lifestyle that I’ve been livin’ up the last week, shall we?!

1. Reading books like it’s mah’ job. Seriously. I really need this to be my job because I’ve been eating up books like I’m Mrs. Pacman. I’ think my tally is up to…8 non-required books so far? Seriously. I really shouldn’t have found out that my all time favorite series of books as a middle school girl, “The  Princess Diaries” came out with about 5 more books in the series since I last read them. Which means there was a whole lot of mindless reading going on, a whole lot of me moping around the house when I got to a book when Mia and Michael weren’t “totally an item” and googling pictures of the boy who played Michael Moscovitz in the movies based on the books, which I know EVERY SINGLE WORD TO. Yeah, I like to think I’m pretty cool too, thanks! 🙂

“What up, future background on my computer?!”


2. Listening to Vampire Weekend. It’s a really good thing that I found out that they had another early release of one of their songs off of their new album now that I’m at home instead of in my dorm. ‘Cause it’s totally been on repeat. And I know that I would be drawn and quartered if my roommates and friends back at school had to be around me when I got my Vampire Weekend fix. 🙂

Dear Roommates and Friends at New College, I sincerely apologize ahead of time for my music playing problems after January 12th, as that is when Vampire Weekend comes out with their next album and I know for sure that I will be playing it mercilesslyMy b!

Oh, hey there Vampire weekend. What a coincidence that I stumbled upon you on this expertly indie-designed stoop in the middle of the artsy part, I expect, of a metropolitan area.

Oh, what’s that? I dropped something? Oh, it must’ve been the THREE library cards I carry around on me at all times. Yeah, no biggie. Just being intellectual and what not.

Oh, what’s that? You all want to marry me? Well, in order for that to happen we’ll have to move to Utah. That’s good for you? Well, then. I guess I can’t object to that. Let me just pack up my cardigans and bring all of my thick novels.

Boys, boys! Be patient! It will take me no time whatsoever to embark on a love escapade with you all.

3. Digressing. I’ve really been getting better at increasing my tangents! 🙂


4. Stylin’ and profilin’, which is just the Filson way of saying “Maxing and Relaxing” which roughly translates to : doing whatever I please. And it’s been real nice, indeed!


5. Finishing up the novel-child. I wish I could say that after 56,000 words (nearly 200 pages of ridiculousness) that I’m nearly done, but I’m not. Call it me being sentimental about finishing it or that I’ve been missing hitting my pen to real paper, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it will be finished by the time I go back to New College, but hopefully my trusty journal won’t call me like a siren away from my laptop of novel writing glory. Seriously. I took two days off of novel writing this week to write in my journal and ending up writing roughly 20 pages by hand and it felt oh. so. good. Nothing beats writing by hand. It tends to make you feel so starving-artist-like, or that you are Emily Dickinson if somehow Wishbone transported you back to that era.


So I might’ve lost it when I saw this picture and laughed out loud while moochin’ off of the library’s free wi-fi and disrupted everyone. Totally worth it. If this picture doesn’t make you die a little bit on the inside, so sue me.

Except, hopefully not the whole part about Emily Dickinson being a total spinster. I’m not up for preparing for a lifestyle with kitty castles and scratching posts. Besides, I am getting married to all of the boys in Vampire Weekend, right? RIGHT?!


6. Being an Unrealistic Ursula, as seen above. 🙂 Totally okay with that though! It leaves a lot more room to surprise people when I prove them all wrong and have all of my cardigans and thick novels shipped to Utah one of these days!

Hope you all
are spending your breaks stylin’, profilin’ , maxin’ and possibly relaxin’ as homegirl over here is totally doing just that 😉



One thought on “Tales of a lazy college student

  1. This post totally cracked me up! Is it sad that everytime I read your posts I feel the need to comment? I don’t think so.

    I do have to confess something though- I haven’t touched my novel since November. We’re taking a break to find ourselves, maybe have a few flings with some other novel ideas before we inevitably get back together in January. I can’t help it- it was smothering me! 😉

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