How do you measure a year?

 Well, the people in “Rent” do it apparently by acquiring drops of sunshine and cups of coffee. I, on the other hand, have placed my jazz hands and musical theatre days back in middle school, where I was Villager #41 in “Fiddler on the Roof”, and my fortunate roommates are lucky to hear and see me still reliving my Fiddler days with occasional song and dance.

But that’s besides the point.

Fair readers (Mom), today I shall not measure this past year with telling you the tales of how much I pine for fictional characters in books I read when I was 12 and 13 (and 18?!?!?), or cardigan-clad musicians. I’m going to gallivant towards this place called Memory Lane to relive unfortunate haircuts, awkwardly amazing memories, (presumably) millions of pictures I took of my dog through photographic form of the last year alongside a hopefully witty commentary by yours truly 🙂 Enjoy.

Late Winter ‘08-‘09

n1439630176_177630_4445 Found a giant mushroom. Made a very unflattering face. Totally normal.


Found that I have a soft spot for gnomes. And “borrowing” them. This gnome may or may not have been stolen, thus beginning my life-long quest to steal suburban gnomes, leave their owners notes from their gnomes, and take pictures with them. I may have seen the movie “Amelie” for the 27th around this time too. (Heck, I’m listening to the soundtrack right now.) Just sayin’.

falc Started volunteering at a local nature preserve. Dabbled a bit in being THE FALCONER. Once again, nothing out of the ordinary.

3104_82724494714_520459714_2507125_2642137_n Whilst on my way to volunteer at my local animal shelter, I practiced being an upright citizen by feebly fighting the desire to steal this juicy gem of a gnome. It was kind of an easy decision, as he was placed right outside tha Po-Po station! Sadface.

Spring ‘09

Ah, the season of flowers blooming, bikinis being whipped out for sunbathing (In Florida this starts in January, however), and… Creeping?


4265_92994844714_520459714_2669379_4319330_n Carrying books to unknowing boys that my friends and I creep on. Seriously, there is nothing better to do at the end of senior year. It’s pretty boring stuff. Creeping, however, is always a good solution! 🙂

jhkjhkh Oh yeah, and there’s this picture…


This one too on my 18th birthday. His birthday present to me was to not shave his mustache. I was pretty proud.


Oh shoot, and this one too. I’m going to stop now before I find any more pictures of me creeping. As there are many that I shall leave to your imagination.

Then there was the usual… Spirit week, Prom, and Graduation:

3104_83666104714_520459714_2521290_3986272_n ‘Twas retro day at my high school for senior spirit week. Not wanting to just slap on a pair of legwarmers and a headband and call it 80’s, I wanted to go the path less traveled with pulling the early ‘90’s era of Salt n’ Pepa by wearing a classy little shirt with ‘”GOT BUMP IN DA TRUNK LIKE BOOM” on my backside with a gold dollar sign medallion around my neck. My mother was so proud.

n701231586_2379644_423432 This picture describes me all too well.

untitledhkhk Despite all of my cords and National Honor society sash, my older brother always knows how to steal the spotlight at my own graduation by looking mega fly with his seersucker suit and looking straight up G-money. Such is life.

untitledjhg Behold, one of my favorite pictures of all time. ‘Twas the morning of senior breakfast where I not only got caught for breaking dress code ( I HAD ALREADY GRADUATED?!) as well as dancing up a storm and doing my rendition of the “Stanky leg” as the dance floor was looking pretty barren. Needless to say, my white girl moves brought down the house.

Summer ‘09

4253_111017790902_593795902_3094339_6521995_n I mighty morphed into Martha Washington!

untitledkjhkj Went on a roadtrip through the boondocks of North Carolina and made a few friends  as well as…

dkjhgkdjfhg Pranced around my summer home and…

fjgkdf Found out I had been diagnosed with Peter Pan Syndrome. There is no cure that I know of, fortunately.

dsgkdfhg The “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” midnight showing might have brought out my inner witch. (Hogwarts, I know my acceptance letter is late but I don’t mind! I’m willing to wait!) Once again, my mother was very proud.


5896_131197824714_520459714_3317310_5890009_n My BFFs busted out the cardboard and breakdanced (brokedanced?!) in a public place. This explains so much.

Fall ‘09

And then I packed up all of my big girl pants and set off for my long odyssey to New College of Florida. I might have left the big girl pants at home, fortunately.

7335_146340229714_520459714_3537310_124138_n Made some new ladyfriends!


Cut all of my hair off.

….and wrote a novel in a month?! There’s no picture for that one, as it involves copious amounts of chocolate, me wearing some intense “magic writing mojo” gloves as well as me lazing around in sweatpants. I’ll leave that one to the imagination 😉 Oh, and me getting engaged to the boys in Vampire Weekend, that picture can be left to your imagination ( and mine) as well. Sigh.

Have a happy new year, everyone! 🙂




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