Photos du Jour 11-13


11: 28 December 2009

blogpost 001

While my mother is away (and brings home leftovers from work), the Mackenzie (and her handy dandy sharpie pen) will play. I had a little too much fun labeling all of the take-out containers…?

blogpost 002

blogpost 003

I give you, “Blackeyed Hoez”, “Pastafarian salad” and “Aw (yeaaaaah!) gratin potatoes”. What can I say, I might have missed my calling.

12: 29 December 2009

blogpost 016 I’m going to miss romping through crunchy leaves like Mackenziesaurus Rex. Sigh.

blogpost 043 I leave to go back to school on Sunday. I’m going to miss my nightly walks to the docks to say hi to my two favorite stumps. Double sigh.

13 : 30 December 2009

blogpost 054 This is as close as you get to a white Christmas in Florida.


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