Indie cardigans + bad book reviews

Hello all! Well, the time has come. My myriad cardigans have been whipped out, I have a hot cup of Tazo tea in hand, my Tina Fey glasses have been neatly placed on my nose and I’ve fully gotten into “incessantly-listening-to-Vampire-Weekend’s-new-CD-mode” and it’s been quite majestic, indeed. I can just feel my hipster points rising […]

Fotos des Woche 2

8 January- 14 January 2010 This past Thursday I was pleasantly graced with the presence by one of my BFFz, Cole. Or as I fondly call her “Robin Gibb”, or “Pina Cole-ada”. Our odd nicknames for each other set up the following pictures, as you can fully understand the basis of our friendship 😉 I […]

Fotos des Woche

Oh, yeah. About the whole “Photos du jour” project. Homegirl over here is kind of slack-a-lacking. So you know what I’m doing I’m sort of changing it to Fotos des Woche project (Photos of the week auf Deutsch! Wunderbar! Reppin’ those 3 years of German and my language dorkdom 🙂 ) So I’ll let you […]