Fotos des Woche

Oh, yeah. About the whole “Photos du jour” project. Homegirl over here is kind of slack-a-lacking. So you know what I’m doing I’m sort of changing it to Fotos des Woche project (Photos of the week auf Deutsch! Wunderbar! Reppin’ those 3 years of German and my language dorkdom 🙂 ) So I’ll let you feast your eyes on photos from last week (Fotos des Letzte Woche) Oh man I really hope my German grammar isn’t as slacked as I’ve been on this project. Shh, let’s keep it our little secret?  🙂

1 January – 8 January 2010


 2010 0282010 029 2010 032

What up, dancing with African dancers and phallic symbols at Animal Kingdom?!?!

2010 135

2010 1632010 170

2010 182

Totally creeped on these little boys. Anything for a good picture, right? RIGHT?!?!

Other than that, I’ve just kind of been having a “I’m feeling like moping in the dark watching ‘The Princess Diaries’ movie and drinking tea” kind of day and waiting it for it to apparently snow in Florida (and subsequently watch all of the activists at my school storm down Al Gore’s door). Should be pretty cool!

Have a lovely day guys! 🙂



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