Fotos des Woche 2

8 January- 14 January 2010

photos 152

This past Thursday I was pleasantly graced with the presence by one of my BFFz, Cole. Or as I fondly call her “Robin Gibb”, or “Pina Cole-ada”. Our odd nicknames for each other set up the following pictures, as you can fully understand the basis of our friendship 😉

I hope you enjoy the details of our slumber party as well as my gallivant through my picturesque hippie commune I call my college. 🙂

photos 133

Straight up out of 8-mile much?! photos 128  photos 139

Fertility dance?!?!?!?!

photos 150

Creeper face? Check. Weird outfits piled on to keep us warm against the harsh cold in Florida? Check. Gnomes on my pajamas? Check.  Creepy German popstar poster hung adoringly above my bed? 155

Post slumber party filled with venturing to the swings on my school’s campus with hours upon hours of girl talk, and ogling the babe who is “The Princess Diaries” Michael Moscovitz. Here I am effectively eating my feelings via banana oatmeal after my night with Cole and Michael. Bye, feelings! 🙂photos 157  photos 195 My school has a freaking camera obscura! What says you to that?! Although, from afar it looks like a fun house straight out of that show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. And I kind of suspect that homeless men live in it in the night, ready to prey on voyeuristic girls like myself to venture into it.

photos 197

Oh, and apparently we have some smoking squirrels. No big deal. photos 206

Oh, and a stone hippo. Also, no big 215”I SEEEEE YOU!”, said creeper tree quite creepily.

photos 230 photos 231 photos 236         “Yo baby, can I git ‘cho face book? I kinda dig the one arm thing. Super hot.”photos 249 “Hmm, wonder what time it is? Oh, my bad.”

photos 258

Don’t judge me. You laughed, don’t deny it.  photos 271 photos 275

      Fox- trot  crotch. 🙂photos 280 photos 291 photos 301 photos 306Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaaha. photos 312

I don’t know about you but I’d love to walk down the aisle with a hand full of Christopher Marlows.  photos 317 “Brrrring! Brrrrrring!” “Herro, who is dis?”

photos 319“Hey shawty, can I axe you a question?” photos 320

“If you was an axe would you pick me?!?!”photos 323

Writing emo-poetry, as by the looks of her hand it looks like she got messed up on the streets of Compton.  photos 324 As did her homegirl! 😉

100114-131634 P.S. I’ve been blogging outside and look at the visitor that landed on me?!?! A ladybug. Mah’ fave 🙂 Please excuse the marks on my face, I can leave you rest assured that I was not afflicted by the ladybug, like a scene out of “8 mile” 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed my ramblings! 🙂



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