broomsticks+ mothers + how i’m like jay-z.

Oh, my?!?!

Salutations, friends 🙂

Yes, yes. I know. The last time I wrote a post it was a plea for someone to allow me to escape from my paper-writing-Snuggie-covered hovel of doom.

Let’s just say that the paper has been conquered.

Let’s also just say that the creepy German 80’s popstar poster that hangs ominously above my hovel of doom (i.e. my bed) made me more motivated to write the paper in a timely manner (…those industrious Germans) due to its frightening nature.

And not get enough sleep. Actually, that was from dancing on tables, not creepy German popstars.

But more on that later (Mission:Accomplished?!?!?!).

So what have I been up to lately, you ask? Or rather the little green man that I expect who lives in my head who controls my thoughts and inner monologue with myself asks. I’m pretty sure he looks like Danny DeVito, the little man in my head, that is.

“Mackenzie, this is how I look whenever you think about Vampire Weekend. Which is every fifteen minutes. Mwahahahahahaha!”

But aside from digressing on the daily, Homegirl over here has actually done oodles.

First on the agenda, Quidditch.

Due to my lack of shame, I’ve become super gung-ho about starting a Muggle Quidditch League at New College of Florida. Keep in mind, this is the girl who still believes her acceptance letter to Hogwarts is still lost in the mail.

…and poses for pictures like this:

16343_231447089714_520459714_4280783_4445943_n Yes, indeed, Danny Devito. That is the Hogwarts Castle they are building across the street from my high school at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Yes, I did a jig and whimpered upon first sighting it. Sigh.

But luckily for me, who has a serious case of Peter Pan Syndrome, Quidditch took off in flight (Ba Dun Ch, says the drum set) and I was mighty pleased indeed!




Photos courtesy of the lovely Chelsea Corarito! 🙂

And then I got to chillax with my Mamasita, who for some reason, I refer to as “Cletus”. I don’t exactly know how that got started, but it was sometime in 11th grade and from then on it took off like wildfire and now my friends call her “Cletus” as well.

In case you don’t know, my Cletus is my BFF and we do cool stuff like this:

4606_104065319714_520459714_2833131_5891124_n untitled 4606_104065344714_520459714_2833135_2211128_n 4606_104065339714_520459714_2833134_3295305_n

This Saturday in particular we ate candy canes! And made snow angels! And chopped down a Christmas tree! And at the end of the day we even snuggled!

Kind of. 🙂

But more so we actually just gallivanted around the Old Folks Home that is Sarasota, Florida! Pillaging thrift stores left and right like Leif Erikson! Delighting in the dollar section of the nearest Target! And acquiring food babies at the nearest  Sweet Tomatoes buffet!

And what a wondrous divine food conception it was! 🙂

Oh, and I guess I should mention the Jay-Z part.

So, like I said before the aforementioned German popstar is not the only thing that has obstructed my precious sleep schedule. Yes, my intense college night lifestyle has wreaked havoc upon me.

The green Danny DeVito is laughing menacingly at this, as my “intense college night lifestyle” usually consists of nights of watching movies and reading with lady friends with momentary trips to climb some trees on campus. Not a whole lot of table dancing is included in the equation.

Except for this past Friday when I lived it up like Jay-Z: sipped on a cocktail (In this case, a communal spinach smoothie with fellow lady friends), used up some MAD GREEN (in this case, the spinach for the smoothie), and dancing in some scantily clad attire (in this case my tropical 80’s thrift store that has a rip right up the donk. Oh, black spandex bike shorts. How you always come in handy!)

…and didn’t go to sleep until three in the morning! Really! And no, the apocalypse is not nigh! No matter how many times you hear it from homeless men outside of your local bank at night with scary signs in hand!

So yes, that is just a glimpse of my oh-so scandalous life. I hope you didn’t fly off the edge of your seat in suspense.



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