Thought I’d stop by for a little update of what I’m currently doing.  This was our first week of classes (How northeastern and ultra-super-duper-liberal of my school is that?!) and my white girl ‘donk has been hurtin’. That is for sure. I went to about 7-8 classes this week to dabble a bit and see what I wanted. Yeah, good job, Mackenzie, on that one. Now I’m as lethargic as a Spaniard during a siesta. Yeah, check out that pearl of a simile. So without further ado…

currently doing:  PLAYING A WHOLE LOT OF N64. If there has been one thing that has kept me from blogging and writing in general it has been this. Really. Do not let me loose in a room filled with a N64 and Mario Kart. I take no prisoners.

To be honest, I’m only moderately good at N64 games. What I’m really good at is TRASH TALKIN’. Seriously, I’m the Queen of Banter.

currently listening: to a “diverse” (now, doesn’t that sound elitist?) mix of Rusted Roots “Send Me on My Way” (it makes my dreams of being Matilda come true) and the “Harry Potter” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” soundtracks as they make doing homework about amphioxus a. lot. more. exciting. Oh, and She & Him, ‘cause I have a little girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.

Oh, and due to the prolonged amount of time I’ve been playing N64 games I now hum the theme songs to each of the games subconsciously. I’m very cool if you haven’t noticed already.

currently eating: Primarily prunes + graham crackers + super chunky peanut butter. It’s so good it makes me want to drop to my knees of happiness and praise the gods but also shriek of sadness that my ever encroaching spinsterdom is approaching at the ripe age of 18. I guess you win some and you lose some?

currently thinking: I get along a LOT better with guys. They are much more tolerant of Harry Potter references, biking adventures and N64 tirades. And they won’t steal your prunes. Not that any girls I know do, but it’s a higher probability that a girl would as a lot of  single (old, cat- surrounded, crotchety) girls reach for prunes to drown their feelings and single guys just call themselves bachelors and nurse some brandy in classy smoke-filled bars. Or drive the run-down Pontiac of their glory days around elementary schools when they get out in the afternoon.

So I guess I keep thinking about how protective I am about my prunes? Once again, take note of my evident coolness.

currently excited about: NEXT WEEKEND. I’m going to the house of my lovely friend Emily to partake in her little brother’s AWESOME KICKBALL BIRTHDAY PARTY OF IMMENSE GLORY!!!!(!!!!!!!) and bask in the ridiculous amount of fun that is to be had.

currently reading: No words. The blissful expression on my face says it all:


Yeah, that is definitely the penultimate book in the ever-so-intellectual book series “The Princess Diaries”. Don’t hate. I’m sorry I don’t care for Palahniuk or Bukowski.  Meg Cabot is kind of the Greek Goddess of Awesome YA corny fiction in my world. I’d totally sacrifice a goat in order for her to write another book for “The Princess Diaries”. I really wish I wasn’t serious.

Okay, so maybe words were needed. My B.

currently watching: 30 ROCK and THE OFFICE. Obnoxious caps are necessary. My quota for awkward situation comedies has been at an epic low. Also, some good ol’ fashion Andy Samberg ogling has been added into that equation as well. ‘Cause what hormone-ridden 18 year old girl WOULDN’T?!My perfect man = Awkward/funny/Andy Samberg, to put it in simple terms. I don’t understand the concept of Edward Cullen as a heartthrob or as someone that ACTUAL GIRLS THINK THEY CAN FIND IN A GUY?! That is, if you’re totally into DEAD, POSSESSIVE, BROODING, and oh yeah, DEAD GUYS?!

“I’ll carve your thanksgiving turkey, Andy Samberg”


“Hey, nice Guido haircut. Gonna go fist-pump now? Oh, okay. Make sure not to hit any Guidettes in the process. Or you know, have your arm fall off because it’s decomposing, ‘cause you’re dead and all.”

currently wondering: WHY AM I NOT IN BED?! Homegirl over here is tired.

Peace out, homeslices! Go dance on tables and get crunk or whatever you young whippersnappers do these days.



4 thoughts on “currently;

  1. Every time you make an Andy Samberg reference on your blog, my heart swoons because if I ever met him, I would forcefully coerce him into marrying me. Just sayin’.

  2. So my ulterior motive of trying to get on SNL might be to persuade Andy Samberg into my now predominantly Vampire Weekend harem?! BUT YOU DIDN’T HEAR THAT FROM ME?!

    By the way I could totally see both of us having fondue party dates with Andy Samberg and telling innappropriate jokes. Just sayin’. EYES ON THE PRIZE.

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