bruised shins? best weekend ever? there’s a t.swift song for that.

…And no, the bruised shins were directly caused by my increased listening to the ever-so fantastic T-Swift.

…it’s partially because I legitimately fell off the face of the earth, oh fair blog. And I’m deeply sorry about it. 9b8e4e0240 “Don’t worry, Mackenzie. Whether you just got dumped in a text, you just wet your pants, or your boyfriend has decided to become a woman, I have a song for that kind of sadness”

Thanks, T-Swift. I know you’ve always got my back.

But really, I’m sorry my dearest blog. I can explain, really. I’m taking 6 classes (NERD ALERT NERD ALERT), I recently acted in a play that was pretty time-intensive, and have literally been living in the library. My sleeping bag is getting a lot of use, placed neatly in my hovel biology department surrounded by all of my tantalizing readings that leave me on the edge of my seat drooling.

…But in a way, there seriously is a Taylor Swift song for everything that has happened in my life in the last three weeks.

Still there?! Good.

I guess you could say that “You Belong to Me” is a song that I’ve been wanting to sing to my sleep cycles. Really. I’m glad that things down here at the #2 Most hated Leftist Liberal institution in America are starting to settle down because now my sleep cycle can now belong to me in all of my sneaker-and-t-shirt-wearing-bleacher-sitting-self. Oh, I missed you so much, sleep. I’m so glad you realized that you were the one for me. I was here the entire time, just waiting for you to come back to me, oh precious sleep ❤

“Today was a Fairy Tale” was definitely this entire weekend. Saturday morning  brunch and Whole Food runs for price gauged nut butters with friends?! Two play performances that went surprisingly well?! Going to watch a soccer game and then consequently playing hXc at the soccer game (What up, head-butting the ball?!) ?! Dancing the night away until my feet hurt?! Dressing up as my favorite human at the New College “Assumin’ your favorite human” party?!?! My homegirl Emily, portraying yours truly, gnome-age and all! Take note of the awesome night gown that I wore like 6 times last week that she is wearing. My friend Stacy and I were Emily. Aren’t we presh?!





“…Exploring forts in the dorms of friends? There’s a Taylor Swift song for that.”

And I hate to get on this sentimental note, but “Love Story” has to be mentioned. And the fact that that song has given me goose-bumps an embarrassing amount of times (Shut your mouth if you deny that it doesn’t get your estrogen a-pumpin’!). I guess you can say that I’ve reconsidered my life plan at the nunnery or my spinster-witch hovel. Yes, shocking. I’ve returned my excessive amount of lint-rollers that I presumed I would need to remove the cat hair off of my plethora of brightly colored muu-muus and


Yeah, suck on that, spinster future!

Yes, I’ve opened my eyes to the prospects of the dating world, the Cambodian minefield that it is. Homegirl over here has made sure to pack up her muumuus and prunes, and put on her peacock feathers (mating dance?!?!) and let T.Swift guide me through “Cambodia”.

Okay, now pick up your jaw from the floor. Wipe off your drool. I know it’s shocking but Taylor Swift and I cannot continue on in the blog-post if you are going to be embarrassing. 🙂

But really, Life has been nice. It’s been full of intrigue, and mystery, and shenanigans galore! Boys (they aren’t even imaginary ones!), dancing on tables (both my mother and my dreams are coming true!), and living in the library have been keeping things interesting.


How I reel ‘em in. Peacock feathers and a super caucasian mating dance. FOOL PROOF.

I honestly can say that I’m doing happiness and contentment jigs that only a certain T.Swift song can make me do. You might say I’ve been “Fearless”. Oh, dag yo. You didn’t see that one coming, did you?!

No shame! There’s only shame for not updating this blog more often.

But thankfully, there’s a Taylor Swift song for that.


4 thoughts on “bruised shins? best weekend ever? there’s a t.swift song for that.

  1. I hate to say it, but it is so true. I don’t know what it is about her emotionally baring songs, her super curly hair, and her country roots, but when I want to sing at the top of my lungs, Taylor Swift is usually up there.

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