tattoos + blind dates + the overbites of sharks

So I must admit, I’ve been gettin’ pretty hot and steamy with someonething, which is why my posting has been getting pretty sparse.

Oh yeah, that’s right. You thought I was doomed to the nunnery, right?

…Try again.

…Yup, that’s right.

My Organismic Biology textbook and I are “facebook official” now. Yeah, I know. I don’t want to jinx what we have or anything, but I just have a really good feeling about this one! I mean, he teaches me so much about life, the universe, and everything. He’s so deep!

“Yo shawty. You like what you see?

He’s also pretty chivalrous, and gosh darnit, he ALWAYS wants to hang out with me on week nights! He must really like me! It’s enough to make a girl blush, really. I never thought I could feel this way…about a book. Seriously, once I realized that he was the one for me (when I realized I was four + chapters behind) we’ve just been connecting like neurons to dendrites like we’ve known each other forever.

I’m also pretty sure that there is a Taylor Swift song for this kind of love.

Sorry that the “blind date” aspect of this post is referring to how my biology textbook is (literally) blinding me with science:

And the fact that my roommates are planning to set me up on a blind date sometime in the near future? But that’s besides the point.


But scouts honor that the rest of the title is pertaining to true things!

Like Quidditch.

26371_346320816880_510661880_4108688_1014667_n 26371_346323061880_510661880_4108717_3642534_n

26371_346320606880_510661880_4108673_1752708_n  26371_346323121880_510661880_4108720_8112306_n 

Oh yes. This is me making the most of my scholarship and admission to a great school. By playing a formerly-fictional sport a reality. And playing against the art school down the road.  Running around in the Floridian cold with a broom between her legs. And tying. And possibly doing one of those victory dances that football players do after they score, “smackin’ dat” and shaking their groove thang. But that’s not definite. I might’ve gotten hit in the head with a bludger and forgotten that last part?

And even though I turn 19 in two days I truly don’t feel like “growing up” is coming anytime soon. Why is it that when you turn 18 the connotation is serious-big-girl-pants-wearing-lets-balance-our-check-books seriousness, and when you turn 19 the connotation is to resume your second childhood?

Oh, College. How I love you. 27258_1215827084436_1491600159_30492877_6528702_n

19363_1215325031885_1491600159_30491561_6721930_n 27258_1215825404394_1491600159_30492872_7763527_n Exhibit A.  Case and point.

And the fact that I’m getting a Harry Potter themed tattoo tomorrow doesn’t really help either.


Mhhmm. Your eyes have not deceived you. After several phone calls with my mother cringing on the other line and many phone calls and planning, I’ve decided to get a tattoo for my birthday. Harry Potter themed, and undoubtedly CLASSY.

No, it’s not going to be a snitch tramp-stamp. Or a lightning bolt on my forehead. Or a dark mark or the name “Sirius Black” on my forearm.6336_141049229714_520459714_3460287_1051843_n 5976_116795014714_520459714_3073447_471804_n

Crap. Facebook, thank you for making me see such ridiculous correlations.

But no, it’s going to be awesome and full of nerdiness that I’m sure most people won’t be able to handle.

Yup. I’m getting the Dewey Decimal call number for the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” on my side ( so that I could get shelved at a library if I wanted to!). And it’s not just because it’s my favorite. I promise. I’m just going to leave it at the fact that I remember the exact moment in time I got the book at the midnight release, what was going on in my life then, what reading that book at 2am meant to me at the time and that I don’t want to forget what was going on at that point in my life.

See? It’s mad deep! I promise!

Look out for a ridiculous amount of obnoxious tattoo photos and a chronicle of my birthday shenanigans in the near future. It’ll be a sight for sore eyes (and my sore tattooed-on side) , that’s for sure.


One thought on “tattoos + blind dates + the overbites of sharks

  1. I’m pretty sure turning 19 is one of those things where you’ve been “an adult” for a year, realize you don’t really like it that much, so they give you another year to fool around before you’re 20 (big scary and the beginning of a new series of the next ten years of your life!)

    And I expect to see a fantastic bandage on your side during dance tutorial on Sunday, haha.

    P.S. You need to calm down your public declarations of love to your organismic bio book- some people are starting to get a little jealous…

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