Ah, nineteen. The year of “Hmm-I-thought-I-was-an-adult-but-ya-know-I’m-not really-into-that-anymore-hows-abouts-we-start-that-second-childhood-now?”

Oh, and Harry Potter tattoos. More on that later. I feel like being a bit a lot more cryptic.

I can honestly say that this past birthday was the best I’ve ever had. I spent it with people I was honored to celebrate it with and doing things that make me get one of those goofy little grins on my face that was essentially this:19 274 Check out how miniscule those eyes are?! That’s how much daggone smiling Homegirl over here was doing! Also, note that nightgown that I wear, ahem, all the time in the day. My bad. But not really. ‘Cause I’m sure that once Teen Vogue does a 3 page spread on how fashionable nightgowns worn in the daytime are, I will be credited with my masterful discovery.

First stop on my two woman crusade of Sarasota, which involved old folk fleeing upon first sighting us in our shopping endeavors as well as jaws dropping (and subsequently the dentures of the same old folk) when we cleared out local Sweet Tomatoes establishments as well as conveniently placed yard sales.

19 247 Yes, we were those people that day. Taking pictures in front of Sweet Tomatoes. With our handy-dandy “Buy one lunch get one free!” coupon. Baller status, if I do say so myself.

19 250“Knives! Knives! All kinds of knives! Everyone pick out your favorite knife!”

19 261

 19 25319 254  19 25819 25919 26219 26519 264Why yes, I’d love an old man plaque. I thought you’d never ask…

19 256

And then we gallivanted all the wa
y to the “Red Dot Boutique”, aka “Tar-zhay”, aka Target, where I delighted in ogling bowls and cups ( I have a thing for tableware. Don’t hate, appreciate!), getting mini Febreezes for my purse( I cant lie. My perfume is “Eau du Febreeze”), and delighting in their selection of Sharpie pens. Yup. I have a thing for Sharpie pens as well. Especially the purple ones. Drool.

And then the real classy lady festivities began. Awwwww yeaaah. That’s right. Tattoo.

19 271 Wait what?! That’s not a golden snitch? That’s not a lightning bolt?! That’s not a picture of Snape on your butt? Yes, it’s the Dewey Decimal number for  my favorite book. And yes, I’m in complete nerd-love with it, especially because I volunteered in a bunch of libraries growing up and live approximately 400 feet away from one and practically live inside of it.

So then a night of tomfoolery, shenanigans and lifting up my shirt repeatedly (It is spring break after all?! Okay. Bad joke.) to show people my tat of infinite glory, began.

 19 24519 282

19 347

19 34919 33819 370 19 372   19 376

Yes, you guessed right! A night of dancing to Phil Collins, the “Mulan”and “Lion King” soundtracks, and Michael Bolton was what my birthday was all about. And it was quite majestic. I’m a pretty simple creature. Get me some mini Febreeze, sharpie pens, and oodles of corny music to dance to and I’m pretty content with everything.

I can honestly say that I have the best friends in the world. I have a brother who sends me flowers with no return address and a card that reads “Happy Birthday from your ruggedly attractive boyfriend, Astronaut Mike Dexter”, best friends who know of my fondness for mugs, crunchy peanut butter, paper cranes, and heads of broccoli, and who are accepting of my tattoos.

I couldn’t ask for more, really.

Except purple sharpie pens when I beast mode them. But that’s another story.


4 thoughts on “nineteen

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  3. 1. I love you. And your writing.


    3. Pisces birthdays are the best. You really held up the side with this one.

    4. Your tattoo is the best. It makes me want a tattoo. But I’m wayyy too chicken.


    P.s. I don’t know whyyy this showed up in my blogger queue for TODAY, I thought it was a little out of place, but it’s mega fabulous.

  4. You have the Dewey decimal number of Harry Potter? You are awesome. Best tattoo ever. I’ve got a small ankh on the inside of my wrist, but I’ve promised myself if I ever get a novel published, I’m going to get a tattoo the ISBN. Books rule.

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