homeward bound

Now, I wish this post would be chock-full of animal adventures across train-tracks and mountain lion-infested forests, or talking about how I can do a spot-on impression of Shadow, the geezer golden retriever in the movie of the same title of my post today. But it isn’t.  Well, in a way it might.

But mostly pertaining to how I can do a crazy good impression of a talking golden retriever.

Not even going to lie. I can recreate this entire scene by heart. And yes, this scene makes me cry EVERY DOGGONE TIME.

Ba-dun-ksh, says the drum set.

But back to business. Yes, blog-readers (Mother?). I think I’ve finally realized what the next step in my life is, and it involves my skill of contorting my voice to sound like practically any person or anything and my affinity for being more adventurous. And besides, I’ve kind of realized over the last 8 months that hey, what’s practical to others is RIDICULOUSLY IMPRACTICAL to me.

So yes, that means…

I’m leaving college for a while. To go homeward bound to another home.

To go live in Chicago, a place where I know approximately two people.

To go to improv school at Second City.

And no, I don’t know when or if I’m coming back.

chicago_by_ceah………………………………………Yes! 🙂

How did I come to this conclusion, you might ask? Well, I’ve kind of realized that the only reason I do my homework in a speedy manner is so I have enough time to write. And that writing is the one and only thing I can see myself doing for a very very long time. That is, until I find myself asleep and left my apartment door open and some feral animal frolics in. And instead of magically cleaning my home and singing forest songs to me like in “Snow White”, decides to make a midnight snack out of my hands, a la Lavinia in “Titus Andronicus”.

And the fact that I know exactly what I would do after college is to move to Chicago and take improv acting and writing classes. So why wait another three years?

Oh, and the fact that they have more than one 24-hour 7-days a week Gyro restaurant doesn’t help either.

Nor does the fact that they have rare book sales all through out the summer?

Oh, and that whole part that taking classes at Second City and making it as a writer or actor on to a show like SNL has been my dream since I was about…uh 8?

But really, it’s all about the gyros and gloriously smelly and musty, old books!

And there have been far too many creepy coincidences that have happened that have lead me to know that This Is The Time For Me To Go. Walking into my classes and seeing the black-board smattered with the word “Chicago” written on it numerous times, getting a very generous check in the mail with absolutely no plans as to what to do with it (until now), practically all SIX of the well-thought out plans (I had pro-con lists and everything! Nerd alert!) I had for this summer have literally all fallen apart. But I’m immensely elated that they all fell apart. So incredibly overjoyed.

Because now I can finally do what I want to do. There is literally nothing holding me back. There isn’t any obligation to stay here in school. No boy that makes me feel like I’m in a Taylor Swift song that is holding me back. No pressing duty or job that is keeping me here writing 12-page bio mid-terms that haven’t been getting me anywhere except firmly nestled in a library until 1 a.m. with my third cup of coffee.

Which isn’t to say that I won’t get myself lost in the fantastic Chicago library system (and hopefully I can figure out a way to have a slumber party in one? Note to self…) until the early morn.

Oh, University of Chicago library. Why do you conveniently look like Hogwarts? Drool.

I just really feel like this is all coming together like a game of Tetris. A really creepy game of Tetris involving lots of cheap gyros, one-way ticket purchasing, and a real-life adventure out in the second city all by my self! I think I can proudly say that come June (at the latest early August) I will officially have the big girl pants firmly put on.

And the prospect of this makes me ridiculously excited to the point that my knees are knocking and I have the goofiest little grin on my face. Because I just cannot wait to feel like I’m in the right place, pursuing what I want to do. And get a really teensy apartment with a sweet blow-up bed, filled with my elaborate mug collection, German popstar posters and in due time, a lovely little kitty. Who will most definitely be named Springsteen or “The Boss” or something related to my biggest old man crush ever, Bruce Springsteen. And it will be great.

Cat_by_ECKSbloodECKS I’m pretty sure I’m going to get him a kitty-sized pair of tight “Boss” style black jeans. And teach him how to purr and meow to the tune of “Dancing in the Dark”. I wish I was joking.

It will be lonely at times and I’ll feel like it’s harder to
be there than it is to not be there but it will be the greatest kind of lonely. Because it’ll feel oooooh sooooo right, like a Barry White song.

So right.

And you all are welcome to come and stay with me. I promise I’ll share my blow-up bed and gyros with you. And I’ll even let you smell my books.

P.S. This also means I should probz change my blog name. How about “The 19-year old girl living alone in Chicago” Authentic? Thoughts? Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


7 thoughts on “homeward bound

  1. Dude, I don’t even want to think about leaving you and everyone else at New College. It breaks my little awkward white girl heart to think about it! You will be sure to see me often though, I’m sure I’ll be a sketchy non-alum and find myself lurking on to campus from time to time. 🙂

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