in transit!

…Currently in transit to Chicago! What up, four hour layover in NYC? Oh. Don’t feel too bad for me, kiddies. I’ve got Season 5 of “Gilmore Girls”, “Elf”, and “Roman Holiday” to tide me over 🙂 Cannot wait to be in Chicago already. I have so much to write and talk about, that I feel […]

i don’t want to date until i’m…thirty.

Oftentimes when I come home from school and intermingle with friends and family friends I nearly never know how on earth I’m supposed to dodge that one, lethal bullet: “So, ya got any boyfriend yet?!” I’ve usually tried to figure out some witty response or something uncomfortably awkward so that the conversation can be steered […]

“preserved in amber”

Oh, to uncover you Your claw submerged under sediment, tar, your own words And I would have you, preserved in amber And copies made to be overpriced at science centers. But you are not some majestic, rampant saber-tooth tiger You outran the towering of dirt, heat, and time. Your large talons scratched out of the […]

gregory and the hawk

Currently fixated on the loveliness that encompasses my 4+ year love for the band classy lady that sings for Gregory and the Hawk: If you are a girl and you don’t find that you relate to this song, heart and soul, you might not have a heart or a soul. If you are a guy, […]

magic, via the internet!

A lot of times I find myself using the adjective “magical” on a near hourly basis. Sure, it might be from the influence of Harry Potter and the slight chance that I still think a magical world such as that might possibly exist. But I think my use of the word “magical” extends far from […]