major life choices + sports bras.

So I’m going to warn all of you. Just in case you get to the end of this post and are disappointed by the lack of nerdy references to Michael Moscovitz and Ford Prefect or light-hearted tomfoolery of the awkward white girl typing this very post.

But this post might get deep.

In fact, it might get MAD DEEP.

So deep that you all might want to refer to me as “Ocean” from now on, that deep.

Except I would spell it like “O-shun”, ‘cause I’ve heard you get more street-cred that way.

Speaking of oceans, this is my most favorite ocean. The Billy one.

Okay, so I guess I should get back on track, but to be honest all my endless yabbering about oceans isn’t that off subject when you really think about it.

I guess the idea for this post came from the fact that I found that I really needed to let people know of my plans of moving to a place that’s quite far away from oceans by the end of this month. You know, it’s kind of odd to just not let people know of my plans to skiddaddle so soon without letting them know until I set off upon my grand odyssey and be all voyager –like. That just wouldn’t be very Odysseus-like, yaknow? And Home(r)-girl (Ya see what I did there 😉 ) over here’s got to be courteous to the lovely,amazing, fabulous friends she’s made over the last couple of months.

But I have to say that what others have said to me in response to my grand plan have made this choice any easier and in some ways much, much more difficult. And don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think I’ve gotten any negative reactions to my choice to leave school to follow mah’ dreamz, so to speak. Actually, the reaction has been overwhelmingly supportive, like a really daggone good sports bra. My friends and family are truly the best metaphorical sports bra I could have. And I’m the kind of girl who thinks that shopping for sports bras is like one of life’s greatest pleasures.

…And there I go off subject again.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. But it’s just the decision that I’ve made to leave school next week to go home, not finish school, and all that jazz that has really gotten some panties in a bunch. Yeah, that’s right. Two metaphors about undergarments in one post. Impressive, I know.

And I can understand why they would advise me to do otherwise. It’s impractical (what else could you expect from the girl who actually considered and still does consider bear training to be a viable job?!), rash, and just plain silly. And that’s understandable. I totally respect that.


But when it comes down to it, I’m 19 years old. I’m tired of the place I’ve been in, not because of any personal Degrassi-style drama or anything academic. I need a change of pace. College just isn’t the place I need to be right now, especially given the career I want to get involved with. And I’ll reiterate it, I’m tired on so many different levels that only a good round of sports bra shopping has the ability to really perk me up, which explains my less-than-perky posting schedule. And I’m not going to lie, all of the differing opinions and advice I’ve been given by people when I tell them what I’m about to do has been overwhelming to the point that it seems like I’m constantly imitating a pack of teenage girls who just watched “The Notebook”, if you catch my drift.

And that’s just not me. Especially since I actually…kind of laughed at the end of “The Notebook”.

And I appreciate all of those pieces of advice and guidance, don’t get me wrong. But my decision to leave early rather than finish the year is really the only decision I’ve really felt that is making me feel like I just got back from an intense sports bra shopping spree. I feel intensely at peace with that decision in all its glorious impracticality (once again, look at who you are talking to), rashness, and silliness. And come on, give me the benefit of the doubt. This is coming from the girl who was the notorious Overachieving White Girl from 1996-2009. I’ve never made a silly, rash decision such as this in my life, and I figure that I’m due for mine. This is my Big Girl Decision and I’m sticking to it.


Oh, wait. There was that time I got a Harry Potter themed tattoo.

But that’s besides the point! Sure, maybe I’ve been listening to far too much Stevie Nicks and am wanting to be all bohemian, adventurous, and mysterious or I’ve been watching that episode of “Gilmore Girls” when Rory drops out of college too much, but I’ve really given this a lot more thought than what it seems like.

Because when it comes down to it, you really have to do things for yourself that make you feel like you just got back from shopping for sports bras and not for anyone else.

Unless they want to go sports bra shopping with you, that is.

Then it’s fine by me.


2 thoughts on “major life choices + sports bras.

  1. I love thinking of your undergarments. However, in all seriousness, I’m proud of you. It’s a huge decision to make and the most important thing is you’re making that decision for YOURSELF! Others might not agree with you 100% but in the end you’re the only person living your own life. So the important thing is that YOU are happy. I love you tons and miss you. Really, I wish you the best of luck!

    • OH MY GOSH DARN GOD I MISS YOU! ❤ dude, we will be just a taaaaad bit closer soon! and that means closer to spoon and possible sketchy bus trips to philly will be in order soon? and then we'll eat all sorts of crappy food and exploit our youthful metabolisms and vigor?!? please? and you will always have a free place to stay in chicago, dearest! can we please have a good ol' chat soon, my little hispanic mami? i hope you are doing well. well, i know you are doing well. you are the best friend an awkward white girl could have and i hope (and know) i shall see you soon!

      sentimentally yours,

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