magic, via the internet!

A lot of times I find myself using the adjective “magical” on a near hourly basis. Sure, it might be from the influence of Harry Potter and the slight chance that I still think a magical world such as that might possibly exist.

But I think my use of the word “magical” extends far from house elves dropping cakes and the shenanigans of adolescent teens kickin’ tail and takin’ names.

Ah, yes. The magic of the internet. Where you find that after 10 minutes of writing a paper that is due the next day, you are drifting off to checkin’ out some sweet picz of a hill on a different day or pictures of bookshelves so beautiful you might cry a bit on the inside.

But then again, that’s just me.


Could you expect anything else from yours truly? Well, if you did, just close your eyes and scroll until you find something off the subject of books. Actually, that’s not a good idea. You’ll probably still find something about books and decided to curse my name.

Anyways! So I definitely have the habit of looking for new, more hardcore (harder-corer?!) book resources for my budding bibliophilic self. And my mother so very much appreciates this, I’m sure.

Especially since I’ve been takin’ over every spare space on our bookshelves like I’m Cecil Rhodes or something.

That’s right.

But my two favorite tumblrs have just made my imperialist tendencies grow ever more and I can honestly say that when I go back home there will seriously be a Scramble for Bookshelvica.

‘Cause I mean, who can honestly say they still have motivation to write papers after discovering bookshelves to impose their mother country’s laws upon of such beauty and intrigue?!



This is basically me when I go home. Not even lying. Except that all of these books are on my bed and one of those cameras would be replaced with a mug full of ice cream. Not even gonna lie.

Oh, and The Book Seer is always a good resource that saves me 50 pages (I have a 50-page “If it’s totally crappy I will stop” rule) and time that might be spent reading terrible books.

The stuff I look at when I run out of books.

gilmore-girls Virtual Gilmore. Yeah, the jig is up. I am THAT fan of Gilmore Girls that after endlessly searches to see if they are ever going to make a movie after the show. Virtual Gilmore is basically my dream come true. It’s a bunch of people with a lot of time on their hands (sound like anyone familiar?) that write their own Gilmore Girl episodes, THAT ARE ACTUALLY GOOD!

Okay, I’m going to finish this one before I get too excited and use far too much capslock.


Ah, Hark, a Vagrant. The reason why I lost so much time that should’ve been spent doing homework. Probably because I don’t consider this to be a guilty pleasure like bookshelf ogling or reading fake transcripts of “Gilmore Girls”, mostly because it is about 300+ comics based off of historical figures and events, made by a woman who got a history degree. Since I’ve decided to leave school, I’m pretty sure that at the end of four years I will get an honorary history degree from iTunes U podcasts and Hark,a Vagrant, as that’s how homegirl over here is going to get her knowledge fix.

And last but not least, some of my favorite magical photographers: 

18 Jan von Holleben


and Paul Octavious

Who, alongside Chelsea (who taught me what manual focus does, and now I can finally use my SLR without disgracing it), have made me want to get my photographic feet wet, ya know?

Dang, I’m impressed. For a subject like magic I only referenced “Harry Potter” once.



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