voyeurism + mackenzie, like peanut butter and jelly.

Like any nineteen year old growing up in the age of youtube, twitter, facebook, or as a stand-up comedian I saw last week said eloquently, “YouTwitFace”, it’s easy to see how voyeurism is everywhere.

Or rather, we’re all creepily looking into everyone’s lives, lurking their Facebook pages, which have come to be today’s version of silently creeping through your ex-boyfriend’s air-vents.

Wait, what?

But really. I’m not exempt from this trend. I mean, really. You’re talking to the girl who has a blog-tag with the word “creep” on it; a tag that is ENTIRELY TOO LARGE AND NOTE TO SELF: I SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT?!

And although I’m no Humbert Humbert (…or am I?!), I do find myself creeping as well as admiring other atypical voyeuristic things on that glorious thing called the internet, most notably the “What’s in your bag?!” photo collection.


Yeah. Sorry if I made you lose an hour or two of your life. Too. Daggone. Fascinating.

Which leads me to, yes, the contents of MY purse. My purse, like my mind, is a pretty terrifying place to be at times, but sadly my purse does not have The Beegees and Vampire Weekend as the soundtrack. Not going to lie.

whatsinyourbagblog 003

Behold, my purse that swallows up junk like it thinks it’s Mary Poppins’ purse.  That due to my lack of girliness, I did not even realize was a vintage Coach bag until a week after I bought it at a thrift store. Figures.

whatsinyourbagblog 008

And the junk that I put force into it. Now, not all of it fits in there at once, but all of this finds its way into my beloved purse from time to time. I occasionally sit on it to make it fit. Kiiiiind of.

  whatsinyourbagblog 007whatsinyourbagblog 011

Two, count ‘em TWO (out of the six?!) Burt’s Bees lip glosses I own, the most sinister-looking hair clip ever, eau du Febreeze (<3), and matches from a seedy comedy club in Sarasota. Just to pull it all together.

whatsinyourbagblog 016 NERD ALERT, I repeat, NERD ALERT! Books and journals. Yup, those are two super hipster Moleskine journals (one planner, one journal chronicling Chicago plans), ANOTHER journal (chronicling other thoughts of a nineteen year old girl. So it’s mad deep, of course), “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery (a.k.a. the book that is the equivalent of a “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Peter Pan Complex edition” to me), and “The Salmon of Doubt” by Doug
las Adams, my author crush that I had a book-date with tonight.

whatsinyourbagblog 023  Post-its for Operation Beautiful, a Pizookie coupon (??!?!?!?!??!?!), and a lovely letter from my dear friend Chelsea.whatsinyourbagblog 025

Who could be a good nerd without their good ol’ fashion Tina Fey glasses and pencil/ pen case?! whatsinyourbagblog 029Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!”, said my pen case.

Yeah. I love pens that much. The purple sharpie pens are my favorite, but don’t tell the other 40 (?) pens and highlighters that.

Don’t hate. I just really love color-coordinating things. :)  whatsinyourbagblog 019 whatsinyourbagblog 020

Chelsea ❤ whatsinyourbagblog 021Look, The Biltmore Estate!  Also known to me as the “Hogwarts of America”.

And that’s that! 🙂

What’s in YOUR purse? Tongue of dragon? Tooth of Wolf? Your cousin’s inhaler? Dog treats?! Come on, I AM a voyeur.



4 thoughts on “voyeurism + mackenzie, like peanut butter and jelly.

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