in transit!

…Currently in transit to Chicago!

What up, four hour layover in NYC?

Oh. Don’t feel too bad for me, kiddies. I’ve got Season 5 of “Gilmore Girls”, “Elf”, and “Roman Holiday” to tide me over 🙂

Cannot wait to be in Chicago already. I have so much to write and talk about, that I feel like a drunken Russian man who has had far too much vodka. At 12:32 in the afternoon.

I know. Classy. 😉

I have no idea what I’m going to do once I make landfall in Chicago, but I’m thinking a few of the following are definite must-dos:

1. Not get mugged. (I’m wearing a shirt that says “Hairy Otter” and a picture of an otter Harry Potter on it. I think that will help my case a little bit.

2. Possibly sneak into the Harper Library at UChicago


3. Get acclimated in the hostel I’m staying in for the next few days. Hopefully make friends with a bunch of swedes, as that seems like what you normally do in a hostel.

4.Cause a raucous i.e. gallivant around Lincoln Park, Millenium Park, Grant Park, and/or see Second City (and have my Mary Tyler Moore “You’re gonna make it after all” moment of glory.

5. Scrap all ideas for #4 and just sleep. And try and get a job. ‘Cause I totally got scarred today in JFK by having to buy a $10 sandwich as that was the most reasonable thing.

Le sigh. What a hard life I lead. 🙂

I’ll see you when I see you!


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