shoot, this is a late “music monday”- saturday.

Woops! 🙂

Little ol’ me, in the excitement of being home, seemed to have forgotten my Music Monday post…for five days.

We can just forgot that even happened, right?

Well, probably not.

Because now it has been documented.

Oh well!

As us Floridians are acquiring our fourth layer of skin, that I call “humidity”, Summer has been on Homegirl’s mind. Which has made the followin’ tunes high on my “hey-Mackenzie-if-you-play-this-song-45-times-in-a-row-I’m-sure-the-people-around-you-won’t-mind-no-really-I-promise”  playlist of songs. And with Summer, also comes daydreaming; most notably, daydreaming about key moments in my life that haven’t happened yet. And the music that would play in the background as they all occur.

So without further ado, my “Songs I’d like to play at key moments of my life” playlist!

1. “When Lorne Michaels finally asks me to be one of his Repertory Players/Head Writer on SNL” song.

This song shall play right before  he asks me, giving me enough time to prepare myself to run across the floor and click my heels and use jazz-hands as the camera freezes my moment of glory.  Yeah, I’ve been planning this moment since I was 8. No big deal.

2. “When Andy Samberg proposes to me and agrees to my marriage terms: that he will have to wear a top hat, coat-tails, a monocle, and use a cane at our Halloween themed wedding with carnival rides. And our wedding cake will be a replica of the Hogwarts Castle” song.

Come on, this was to be expected. ‘Cause as we all know, I would only say yes to a marriage proposal if they quoted this song to me and asked me to “be their bodyguard”. Duh.


And oh man, it was soooo hard for me not to put a T. Swift song here. So very hard.

3. “The song I want to follow me everywhere, as I enter rooms, eat sandwiches, or do the dishes” song.

I’m seriously obsessed with Yann Tiersen. He’s this awesome French composer who did the soundtrack for “Amelie”, a movie I find too too many creepy correlations with my own life. I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably listened to all of his music about 80 times over. At the very least. This song is possibly one of my happiest songs on the planet. If this song doesn’t make you smile or make you lovey-dovey, you just might be a Love Terrorist.

4. “The song that will come after #3 when I’m buying groceries, flossing, picking up dog crap, and other exciting tasks” song.

Yeah, that’s right. Two Yann Tiersen songs. Suck it. While this song plays I will continue to make everyday tasks look seemingly more epic. No big deal.

5.”What I want to play as I walk down the aisle” song.  Except that I want this to be played by a four-string quartet.


You might be thinking, “Mackenzie, why wouldn’t you want that song ‘I’ll be’ to play as you walk down the aisle?”.

To which I will say ‘It will totally clash with the mask I’ll be wearing as I walk down the aisle at my Halloween-themed costume party wedding. And as I pretend to be Courtney Cox and ‘80’s dance down the aisle. Only  the Boss is suitable for a moment like that. Duh.”

And that’s all this white girl wrote!


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