things i’m totes glad about


Salutations, boys and girls (or just my mom?)!

I’mma lay it down for ya, espesh about my lax posting schedule. Even though I’ve been home for…9 days (?) it’s been quite a unique experience to come back home from Chicago, especially since I got a taste of what “big girl pants” and what I’d want to do next time so I don’t flee from the sight of big-girlhood like the female Peter Pan that I am.

And it’s been interesting. And I’ve been having some “deep thoughts” that are pretty on par with Jack Handey, for those of you who also spent your childhood glued to Comedy Central’s SNL reruns like I did…


That’s real life right there. But really. So I’ve got some pretty crazy plans and schemes a-brewin’ for the next few months. And let’s just say that by this September I’ll have a different area code.  And my infamous coffee mug collection might have a new home. And I’ll finally have a pair of big-girl pants that fit juuuuuuuust right, like your fave pair of Apple Bottoms.

But ‘tis a secret right now, as it is but a mere fetus of a plan right now. It has not even grown to be a toddler of a plan quite yet.

Did I really just write that?

But back to the task at hand, I’ve got to lay my cryptic behavior aside and break down a list of things that have been making me feel totally jazzed, especially when you live in the land of theme parks and failed boy bands (Orlando. Borelando.) where literally the most fun place in town is the local Starbucks. Such is life. But come September that shall all change! Oh, it shall!


Muahahahahhahaa! 🙂

Things that are making me feel totally jazzed.


1. I got the sweet hook-upz. The “World of Harry Potter” hook-ups that is. Yesum, there are perks to living in a town where there are approximately 4 tourist traps and theme parks within 15 minutes or less. (“Holy Land” biblical theme park, anyone?!).  Mostly because all of your best friends will work at one of them and get you super mega cool Harry Potter commemorative pins. That you will then put on all of your outfits. This is outfit #2 today and I’ve put this pin on both of them.

I know. I’m quite the catch.


2. The fact that this filter on my webcam exists. What is this? Is it a Hanukkah theme? That has too many candles? Is it a filter that is trying to “set the mood”? I don’t quite understand. I do know that it makes me want to sing my favorite part of “I Got a Feelin’ “.

You know, that part where they randomly yell “Mazel Tov”?



3. The fact that I ate my breakfast out of this container this morning. Yes, that is a 32 oz. carton of yogurt right there. And yes, I filled it up this morning. With oodles of breakfasty goodness. ‘Cause I know how to break fasts with style.


4. The fact that I shall take on living in another metropolis soon. But not the one referenced in this ultra cool webcam filter. I like being cryptic. They call me “Cryptic Clarence” down at the bar, ya know.


5. The existence of this Steve Martin memoir. When it comes to reading, I tend to get in “genre moods”, which impressively sounds simultaneously ridiculously pretentious and dorky. Not an easy feat. But seriously. I tend to get in these moods where all I want to read are cook-books. Or all I want to read about is science (my fave= “Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers”.  Don’t even hate, it’s so good. ). Or really deliciously corny romance novels (ahem, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. ) Or children’s books ( “The Little Prince”.) I could go on and on, but these moods usually last for like 4 months until I get in another mood. Lately, the mood has been leaning towards the memoirs of comedians.  No surprise there. I just finished “700 Sundays” by Billy Crystal yesterday.

And not going to lie, this is the second time I’ve read Steve Martin’s memoir.

Just this month.

Yeah, I know. But the dude IS my idol.

But then again, this IS coming from the girl who read a book about cadavers…

No comment.

6. The fact that I got to go here today…

And no, I didn’t go to Isengard.


But no, there is this magical little place called Bok Towers about an hour away in one of the most red-neck areas of Florida. So red-neck that we only got radio reception for country music channels.

‘Twas quite a quandary! So my BFF and I did what city-slickers would do in such a situation.

We turned the songs down low and did some musical improv and sang our own country song parodies that we thought up on the spot.

No big deal!


What makes you all jazzed up? Trips to fictional towers? Trips to real towers? Techno music? Jumping on trampolines? Fresh-baked date muffins?!


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