Music Monday: Summer

Why helloooooo there!

Okay, okay so I’m finally back from weirdly dated Music Monday posts and back in the swing o’ thangz.

So let’s git it on, Music Monday style.

As the summer heat is a-risin’ it’s getting to be that time to let your pale little thighs and underarms free to be graced by all of those luscious UV rays, nawwhatimeen?


Whaddup, beefcakes.

And unleash those pecs that have been hibernatin’ underneath those baggy sweatshirts of yours.

Yeah, I know you’ve been hiding ‘em.

Sound exciting right?

(Reason #348679847 why I don’t seem like a native Floridian. I’m wearing a sweatshirt right now and it’s nearly June. and I sometimes go swimming in November?!)

Or maybe you need some motivation to put on your swim suit and sun your alabaster  thighz and the like?

Which brings me to my …

“Summertime = showin’ off yo’ thighz time” playlist:


1. “Holiday” by Vampire Weekend

2.” You Turn Me On I’m a Radio”, Joni Mitchell

3. “Send Me On My Way”, Rusted Root

I WANT TO LIVE INSIDE OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO!!! Creepy Native American man and everythang!

4.” Martha, My Dear”, The Beatles

I honestly have no idea why this song makes me feel like summer, but don’t hate. It’s also probably one of my favorite Beatles songs. Ever.

5.”Then I Kissed Her”, The Beach Boys.

Did you really think you were going to get through a post about summer music without seeing The Beach Boys? Really? Seriously?


Peace out, homeslices!


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