Tunes Tuesday

Hello all!

Well, it seems my craftiness has found me quite a bit on the busy side. I just couldn’t seem to get myself away from my prized jar of Mod-podge to do a “Music Monday” post for this week.

Literally. That stuff is STICK-AY.

Okay, so now that I’m all warmed up and have all of my writing juices a-flowin’ I won’t have to resort to such corny jokes like that.

Back at the ranch, I realize that I am one of those people that fixates on things. I tend to latch on to something that I really, really like, whether it be a movie or music, or a book, and just watch, listen, or read it so much that it quickly becomes a bit ridiculous.

For instance, let me provide you with some examples.

1. When Vampire Weekend released their single “Horchata” in November, I almost got “Guy Fawkes’ d” by my group of friends. Can’t blame ‘em, ‘cause I listened to that song over 250+ times. In one month.

2. In my junior year of high school, I found myself bored every morning when I had to wake up at 5:30 each morning without anything to watch on TV as I got ready for school. So, me being me, I watched the movie “Amelie” every day from start to finish for the entire month of January. So, give or take 25+ times.  And no, I’m still not sick of it! And no, I’m still not fluent in French. Le Sigh.

3. Then there was the “Something”, by the Beatles debacle of 2006. Yup. Listened to that song 300+ times in my sophomore year of high school.

4. I can literally mouth the words to the following movies as I have watched them each about 20 times: “Princess Diaries” (watched it last week!), “Billy Madison”, and “Happy Gilmore”. If you listen to me closely in person I constantly reference these movies. When I get the mail I always proudly proclaim “HEY MOM, IT’S NUDIE MAGAZINE DAY!”. And I pretty much recreate this scene everyday:


Bringing me to my “Tunes Tuesday” list for this week, if you’ll forgive my delay 🙂

“Songs That Will Make Everyone Around You Cranky, Because They Have Heard Them 200+ Times This Month

1. “White Winter Hymnal”, Fleet Foxes. (So far, about 90+ times)

2. “We Get On”, Kate Nash. (About 120 times?!)

3. “How Deep is Your Love”, Bee Gees. (about 80-90+ times. )

I’m not even going to count how many times I’ve watched this video. It’s so good. Don’t even deny it. I just wish they were rolling on rollerblades in this video.  This video might have also made me decide to name one of my future dogs “Puppy Gibb”, after the classic Barry Gibb.

Don’t hate, appreciate!

4. “Thunder Road”, Bruce Springsteen. (394876948687 times, I’ve been listening to this song since birth. Seriously.)

I’ve listened to this song so much throughout my childhood (my family fed me 3 meals of Boss everyday)  that I can now do a pretty impressive impression of Bruce Springsteen, 80s dance moves and everything. I like to put emphasis on what I think is the best lyric ever written whenever I sing it:

“Show a little faith there’s magic in the night / You ain’t a beauty but hey youre alright

Seriously. No wonder they call him “the boss”.

5. “Just The Same, But Brand New”, St. Vincent (I’ve honestly lost count.)

Possibly the only song I’ve ever heard that was simultaneously creepy but beautiful at the same time. It’s so haunting, that you almost expect a certain white girl to sneak attack you and straddle you without any warning.

I mean… what? 😉

What things do you fixate on? A certain cereal? A certain jam? Movie? TV Show? Holla at me!


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