on quirkiness;

The last week I had the pleasure of reading some of my new favorite blogs, Your Wishcake and Jamie Ann, on the topic of knowledge of the your own, true self. And despite how Oprah Winfrey that sounds at face value, each of these lovely ladies had amazingly beautiful, unique posts that got the little man that moves all of the gears in my brain around and around.

Actually, he kind of looks like Danny De Vito.

Those posts coupled with the inevitable Facebook fad of the moment, the “’like’ this status and I’ll tell you something I like about you” phenomenon kind of made me realize a bunch of traits about myself that were not all that apparent to me.

One of them being quirkiness. To be honest, I find myself pretty normal and I’m one of those people that honestly doesn’t really think that things that come out of my mouth are not bat $h!t crazy, yaknowwhatimean?

But to a lot of people that was what was so distinct about me. And I’m not complaining. Not at all. I’m actually kind of flattered. It’s just not a quality of myself that I really think of too often. But when I remind myself that I have daily hour-long conversations with my dog, who I refer to as my “Fur-boyfriend”, I can understand where that adjective would be so applicable. chicago 080

And now that I think of all of my qualities I guess they are “quirky” when compared to most other people.

I’d prefer crocheting and crafting some Fridays instead of table-dancing. And one of the most fun nights I had this week involved hanging out with my best guy friend and narrating the stupid articles featured in “Seventeen” magazine this month (although I love reading this magazine, it’s seriously downright stupid sometimes. Which is why I call it “Proust for Females” affectionately and ironically. My feminist friends like that I do that last part). We literally spent 2 hours reading out the awkward “I just got my period while riding a horse with my crush OHMYGOD!” stories and horoscopes and nearly hyperventilating with laughter.

chicago 185

Example 39846749867 of quirkiness: taking secret pictures of unsuspecting people. Teehee.

I don’t really find parties interesting but I’m one of the most outgoing and friendly people in my group of friends. I kind of don’t mind awkward silences, and I actually really adore watching others when they occur to see how they react. I’m a morning person, hardcore (waking up after 9:30=FAIL!). I love learning, and will come really close to proposing to someone if they talk linguistic-talk with me (Tell me a new linguistic factoid and I will love you forever).

I hate how it sounds, but I find it veeeery hard to hang around or get close to people who have a lack of ambition in their lives. I’m a pretty flighty person, but I find it a strength at times because it stops me from settling and doing things that are just “comfortable”. I enjoy being single. A lot. More than a lot of girls my age sometimes, but I have to admit that it would be nice to get cute, heartfelt texts from a boy at times. Really nice. But I’m willing to wait on someone truly special. Sometimes I feel like most boys would find me exhausting at times, as I’m pretty bad about getting back to people via text or phone, I talk about Harry Potter way more than what might be socially acceptable, and I think my ambition tends to intimidate them. The last thought being one of the funniest thoughts ever, as I’m one of the least intimidating (methinks) people ever, ‘cause I’m actually reaaaaally passive. Although I’m a girl, I’m not a feminist at all. Whatsoever. Weird, yes. Possibly “quirky”, but that’s how it goes.

2010 028

I love, love, love entertaining people. I’m one of those types of people that loves to get picked out of a crowd to go dance in front of strangers at theme parks, concerts, etc. I always want to make sure people are laughing. Always. I’m okay with being uncomfortable and prefer it to being comfortable. A lot of people don’t know that I’ve lived in over 12-15 different houses in my life, mostly because I’ve lived in the same area, just different houses. Usually about 2 years on average, but most of the times shorter periods. I think that’s why I’m so upbeat about not being in school anymore that made me feel comfortable and unproductive and a bit unhappy. Or really knowing where I’m going from here with my life. Or which school I will go to next. It’s exciting and less forced and I can’t wait to find out what things will be like this time next year, next week or even tomorrow for that matter.

And if this makes me quirky, then that’s perfectly okay with me.

And Oprah Winfrey too. I checked.

I actually think both her and the little Danny Devito in my head would do a little yelling out of joy over this post, kind of like this:

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “on quirkiness;

  1. what does it mean that you’re not a feminist, whatsoever? you don’t believe that the sexes should be treated equally? you’re not opposed to rape? you don’t believe that patriarchy is harmful?

    . . . . .

    • no no no, i did not mean it to mean any of those things. deep down i really feel like all races, genders, ages of humans have been oppressed, chastised, or mutilated. i DEFINITELY feel that equality is deserved for all of them, i just don’t necessarily slant my beliefs that any one type of gender or race necessarily received any more or less harmful treatment in general, if that makes any sense. i guess what i meant to say is that i feel like both genders definitely have been oppressed whether it is obvious or not and that i don’t quite consider myself a feminist. maybe that clears it up a bit more? or maybe i’m just talking nonsense?

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