summer ain’t no bummer


I’ve been a bit more than under the weather this week, something is getting up all in my gr!ll and makin’ me feel like the girl who gets second place on “America’s Next Top Model”: hungry, nauseous, and having an uncharacteristically strong urge to pull someone’s weave out. I’m hopin’ to figure out what is causing this major physical funk I’ve been feelin’, but in the meanwhile here’s some summertime eye candy. ‘Cause homegirl over here is lovin’ this summertime.  Weave-pulling-out-urges and all!

I give you…

“America’s Next Top Model” fashion shoot with Mackenzie and Cole:

antm 008

antm 014

antm 031 

antm 019antm 048

antm 057

antm 069

antm 085  antm 111

antm 161 

And now, for the one that describes my physical state right now….


antm 159


Stay classy, friends.


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