tunesday: dorkin’ it up with nerd rants.

Why, herro der! 🙂

So, being that I be my own boss of this blog and I always seem to have a case of the Mondays (plus I got locked out of my house, and was captured by two friends for most of yesterday)I’ve decided to make “Music Mondays” into “Tunesdays”. So yeah, deal with it 😉

As the tags “nerd” and “dork” are growing on my “tag cloud” off to the right, I’ve been thinking it was only appropriate to have a dorky music post. ‘Cause come on, it was bound to happen.  Let’s just be logical here.

1. “Tradition” , Fiddler on the Roof.

Um, yeah. Totally know this song by heart, with dance moves included. and I pretty much know all of the monologues in this song too. Not even gon’ lie. For Christmas I gave my BFF a “Fiddler on the Roof” record and proceeded to dance and sing to all of the songs. For all of my roommates. And yes, they were very proud to have me as their roommate. This was probably because I was am a huge musical theatre dork.


2. “Barn Dancing Scene”, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Okay, you caught me. There’s only background tunes in this video. But to be honest, this is the freakin’ most bad@$$ dance scene I’ve ever seen, BECAUSE THIS WAS SHOT IN ONE TAKE. ONE TAKE! And also because this movie is close to my dorky heart. I watched this movie so much when I was younger that I broke the VHS tape. And cried. A lot.

My fave part is when they start fist-punchin’ brothaz like it ain’t no thang. And then do that whole plank-balance-dancing junk. SO GOOD.

3. “Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock”, Harry and the Potters.

Swoon.  This is definitely my attempt to send good vibes to the universe to give me a boyfriend that is in a wizard rock band. Especially since a friend and I are going to a freakin’ Wizard Ball in July at a Harry Potter conference it should happen right? RIGHT?!?!

4. “And Then I Died”, The Moaning Myrtles.

Oh yeah, that’s right. TWO wizard rock songs.

I mean, who can pass up a song with such eloquence to sing “get out of my bathroom, you’re really creepy!”.

So much love. Now I just have to find someone to start a wizard rock band with me. If you’re reading this I play the uke and sing. HOLLA AT YO GIRL.

5.”Doo Wah Doo”, Kate Nash

This song isn’t necessarily dorky, but I just can’t help but relate to the lyrics and it’s somewhat dorkiness. And Kate Nash is too motha freakin’ adorable for words.

And now for the ultimate dorky thing I do: rants on linguistics.

Okay, so I’m aware that most people get their best ideas in the shower. I, on the other hand, think about words and bits of etymology that just really grind my gears. I’m actually not a very angry person by nature, but for some reason I find myself a bit T.O’d by etymology.

For instance, today’s shower-time tirade involved the two words “tense” and “intense”, both of which mean “strained, or pulled taut” as well as a bunch of other idiomatic usages. What frustrates me is that the prefix “in-“ usually changes the meaning of the word to mean “not/without + blahblah”. BUT IT DOESN’T IN THIS CASE. “intense” and “tense” are nearly synonymous despite the prefix?!

UM, WHAT THE CRAP, ENGLISH LANGUAGE?! Your inconsistencies are just straight trippin’.

But on the brighter side, as I looked up the etymology of these two words on my fave linguistic site, I had a little off-topic fun. I love the online etymology dictionary. So hard. You might have to click on it to make it larger and view this glorious search.


Um, can we please appreciate the definition for “yen”, “crunchy”, “yo”, “bork”, and “Drummond light”. OED= so much better than Wikipedia.

And that’s all she wrote! I’m done dorkin’ it up for the day.


Just kidding. I’m never done dorkin’ it up.


2 thoughts on “tunesday: dorkin’ it up with nerd rants.

  1. Hummus pool, hummus pool, let’s go swim in da hummus pool!!!


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