not to be trusted

We all have those certain things that we are just NOT to be trusted with. For some it’s new boxes of cookies, young children (I’m looking at you, Catholic priests! Hey-ooooohhhh!) or a sale on mom jeans at Chico’s.

‘Cause who can resist a sale on mom jeans?

Not this girl over here.

And I can’t resist the following either:

1. List-making.

Considering that I’m not anywhere near a Type-A personality (I’m so Type-B it hurts.) at all, I seem to have this love of making lists. Lists of libraries I was to visit (seriously), lists of things I’d like in a guy (as of now the only requirements = that they aren’t allergic to peanut butter and they are highly tolerant of me talking about Harry Potter. I’m not one for high standards), or just your basic “ta-da!" lists (“to-do” lists with less dread! And you even get to say “ta-da!” when you finish a task!) If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll be familiar with some of my favorite posts that mainly consisted of lists:

“10 Things to do before you’re taken”

-“Old men I’d gladly woo, or my creepiest blog post ever”

-“You know you’re a lost cause when you have crushes on literary characters”


Purely for their ability to make ta-da! lists all the more festive! Last Christmas I legitimately got  thousands of post-it notes. And I drooled. A lot.  They usually end up covering my friend’s cars with words of wisdoms or terrible drawings of inside jokes.

3. Unattended puppies

While I was in Chicago and walking through Lincoln Park I was the lucky recipient of a kiss on my boots from a precious Bernese Mountain dog puppy. Getting that little kiss from that puppy seriously made me consider going out to buy a trench coat so I could steal all sorts of unattended puppies outside of grocery stores and coffee shops. Not even lying.

“Mackenzie, prease steal me from my unworthy owner and take long naps wif me? Prease? I’ll kiss yo boots. I ruv roo.”

I rest my case.

4. Members of the band Vampire Weekend.

Also, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you will be familiar with my intense obsession with Vampire Weekend. What can I say? Argyle, boys standing next to bookshelves and clever lyrics= my kryptonite. I have made many a roommate flee from me upon hearing “Horchata” for the 200th time in fear. As I play the effin’ crap out of their songs.

I’ve missed them in concert an obscene amount of times, but luckily THIS YEAR IS MY YEAR. I’m planning on visiting some colleges and friends this fall OHSOCONVENIENTLY around the time and places Vampire Weekend will be touring so I’m most def going to see them.

And of course I’m gonna throw my undergarments at them. With my name and number all over them. If my seductive white-girl charm doesn’t woo them first.

5. Catchy motha freakin’ songs.

I have a problem, guys. I play the living daylights out of songs so much that I can’t listen to them again. Case and point, “Too Little, Too Late” by Daniel Rossen. And OHYES, this is a cover of JoJo’s song of the same name! Sigh. Currently playing the crap out of it.

My B!


What are YOU not to be trusted around? Let a sister know! I’m curious like a cat.


2 thoughts on “not to be trusted

  1. At first I was like, “Really, Mackenzie? A cover of a Jojo song?” (Because who can top Jojo? Seriously, the chick is amazing.) but then I listened to it and am now also addicted. I thank you 🙂

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