let’s bust out of this popsicle stand

Okay, so I’ve possibly set myself up for this; the fact that I’d love nothing more than to go on an adventure. I wake up every morning to my travel-poster covered walls, so I guess I have myself to blame.

My current fave in my collection.

And considering the fact that I look a lot like “Ellie” from “Up”, whose main catchphrase was “Adventure is out there!”, I’d have to say I was born doomed to be susceptible to that disease called wanderlust. That, coupled with the fact that I put more pressure on myself than a sedimentary rock (Heh heh, ya see what I did there? 😉 ), I need a break. And Kate Nash’s song “Paris” isn’t really helping me stop from looking at cheap flights on Travelocity and to buy a ticket to whoknowswhere on a whim.

Kate Nash – Paris by musicfan

So stop it, Kate Nash. You’re just making all of us less-cutely-clothed, non-British-accent-having, I-only-have-a-couple-hundred-dollars-in-my-bank-account-is-that-enough-to-fly-to-Greece? types jealous.


But in the meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt to look at some Wanderlust-type “porn”. (I secretly hate myself a bit on the inside for ever putting that word in one of my blog posts. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some.)




(source) “Time is an invention made by people unable to love”





Now, let’s all cry out a “le sigh” together, shall we?

Le siiiiiiiiiigh.


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