“how i spent my summer vacation;”

Hopefully I’m not the only one who is guilty of this; you don’t quite make that many set-in-stone plans for the summer (could you expect anything less from me?!). Which in some ways lets you have the freedom to go on impromptu day-trips to the Florida boonies to see a tower that looks like Isengard:



But then you get to those days where you literally have no plans whatsoever, which in some ways can be pretty nice (more time to listen to “California Girls” by Katy Perry and have dance parties in your bedroom) and in some ways they can be pretty ridiculous.

Today is no exception to that. Around 11 am I was feeling that slump in the day when googling images of Jake Gyllenhaal and narrating them in your mind, and then sending it to your BFF seems like a good idea (when is it not a good idea?!)

And maybe I have a problem with doing this, but I can assure you it’s one of THE GREATEST PROBLEMS EVER. And yes, I’m about to give you a glimpse of what I do some most days:

“Mackenzie, you were so right. You just know me too well. I AM the strong, silent type! Now…let me love you.”

“Wanna ride?”

“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty..”

“Merry Christmas, Mackenzie. Guess what? I’m your present…”

“Whenever I had to kiss Heath Ledger…I just imagined it was you…Mackenzie”

“Come with me, Mackenzie…Let’s go dance in the rain. It’ll be like a Taylor Swift song and everything…”

Now that I’m done with that, it’s back to my Katy Perry dance party!


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