things i don’t understand.

To some of my close friends I’m known affectionately as “Whiskers”, ‘cause I’m curious like a cat!

Ba-dun-ksh, says the drumset.

But it’s completely true. I’m a super curious to a fault. And I know that sounds like I’m just inching closer to singing the song “I Kissed a Girl”, if you catch my drift, but I don’t mean it that way.


Being me I can honestly find myself for hours on OED or Wikipedia getting myself creeped out at 3 am about Rasputin or getting pissed off at Noam Chomsky or something.

I totes forgot how adorable of an old man Chomsky is. I wonder if he teaches linguistic-related spin classes? You know, if that made any sense whatsoever.

Holy crap. It literally took me 15 minutes to stop looking up stuff about Noam Chomsky. Not even lying.

But because I’m a pretty curious cat by nature, there are still lots of things I just don’t understand, some being intellectual and some being absolutely ridiculous.

As is to be expected.

So here’s a list of things I just really don’t understand.

1. Physics.

Yeah. I mean, it totally fascinates me, but I just honest to 8lb baby Jesus cannot deeply understand it. Mostly because I was that child whose favorite question growing up was “BUT…WHY?!?!”

2. The popularity of “Twilight”.

“Twimoms”= Cougar fails.

I’ll admit. I attempted to read it about two years ago, ‘cause I like reading the occasional fantasy story like the best of them. And especially if they are romantic fantasies, ‘cause I am a chick after all. But seriously. I started reading this book and at first I thought “Well, this is the worst writing I’ve ever read in my life. Honestly. I feel like I could pick words out of a hat, use them in a novel, and have a better book than this. Is it bad that I want to line a bird’s cage with this book’s pages?”

Then I thought I’d cut the book some slack and thought “Hmm, maybe it has a good plot to help the terrible writing? NOT!”. I have friends that have tried to explain this book to me and I just end up nodding and going “Oh, yeah. That sounds like a real page turner. So, it’s basically a book about necrophilia AND bestiality? Ooh, yeah. Totally up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation.”

3. Why hasn’t anyone bought me this t-shirt?

Come on, why hasn’t anyone bought me this t-shirt?

Honest to god I am about to writhe on the floor with laughter over this “Gnome Chomsky” t-shirt. Someone, please be my sugar daddy and buy me this.

4. How similar to Liz Lemon I am that sometimes it’s terrifying…

….ly awesome.

Case in point. I rest my case. It’s like 30 Rock is my “Truman Show” at times.


And since I’m curious like a cat, as stated before, What don’t YOU understand? Lay it on me!


4 thoughts on “things i don’t understand.

  1. Oh my gosh! Twilight Mom’s totally creep me out too! I don’t really think they should exist…I mean my two older sisters who are moms love Twilight, but they arn’t like that! Oh and I like the gnome shirt too, it’s cute!

    • ooh! no, please stalk-away! this is a stalk-friendly blog. and i’m kind of creepy myself, so you might want to look out for yourself. 🙂 i mean, what?

      btw, LOVE YOUR BLOG! i’m always looking for fresh eye candy.

  2. I want that Gnome Chomsky shirt! It was such a fun achievement to get in L4D2 and wish I hadn’t lost him while play Half Life 2 Episode 2. I say we make our own!

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