reasons why i’m secretly 85 years old pt. I

Friends, I have a confession to make. I can’t keep it secret any longer. From restless nights, staying up until…8:30 at night (way past my post-Jeopardy! bedtime), and secretly eating prunes in my dorm room, among other things…

Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m 85 years old on the inside.

I’m not quite sure when I began to acquire characteristics of an 85 year old Jewish grandmother, but I’m pretty sure it began once I developed an affinity for  multicolored muu-muus, crafting parties, and making faces at young children when their parents weren’t looking.

Part I of this series is my unexplainable love of….wearing night-gowns in the day time.

Yeah, I don’t quite understand it either. I have like 4?!?!

Fun fact: One weekend I went to stay at my BFFs house. Silly me, I pretty much only packed a belt, a nightgown, a sweatshirt, a cardigan, 1 pair of jeans, and  a pair of tights.


So, I’m going to beat my record today.

Yeah, you heard me.

I’m going to make 6…count ‘em, 6(!!) outfits out of my trusty nightgown (that most of my friends and my mother want me to throw away already)

So sit back. Feel free to cringe. All of the glamour shots were by Deb yours truly.


blogpost 007 blogpost 016 blogpost 021


blogpost 022 blogpost 024 blogpost 026

I give you the “Am I really still doing this?” face.


blogpost 045blogpost 051 blogpost 055 

My “Yes, I’m still doing this” face.


blogpost 074blogpost 079

“Ha, I wonder if my friends will be able to look me straight in the eye after this post.”


blogpost 108

NOT AFTER THIS OUTFIT! How do I have a vest like this in my possession?blogpost 110

Beats me.

6.  And the obvious. How I wear it to sleep. Yes, I do include the yellow flats. ‘Cause I’m high cla@$$

blogpost 086blogpost 101

“Is it 7:30 yet?”  

Now, if you’ll excuse me I must prepare for my 7:30 pm bedtime. My warm milk is already getting cold.


Do you wear things that your friends and parents disapprove of or secretly want to throw away? Lemme know! I’m curious like a cat girl who owns a cat vest.


7 thoughts on “reasons why i’m secretly 85 years old pt. I

  1. i believe you have that vest because i gave it to you for your birthday: when all of us bought you multiple old-lady-cat-vests 🙂

  2. My hubs tells me 85 every time I’m in a long checkout line, insist on paying in cash and then tell the checkout lady, “hang on, I know I’ve got exact change in here….” and then proceed to rifle through my bag-lady sized purse looking for an extra nickel!

    • OH MAN, STORY OF MY LIFE! I’m known for having huge buckets full of change for that very reason! I tend to buy things with quarters sometimes… debit cards scare me (now THAT makes me sound 85!) 🙂

  3. holla for g’mas everywhere! i LOVE your style, and am now more convinced than ever we should be friends and go shopping together. i hope you are in!

  4. Oh I can definitely relate…the going to bed way too early…buying thrifted orthopedic shoes…crocheting doilies…getting mad if people talk to loud on the bus. I’m a granny at heart, too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, hope you have a lovely weekend!

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