remember the night rainbow

“If tomorrow morning the sky falls… have clouds for breakfast
If night falls… use stars for streetlights.

If you have butterflies in your stomach… ask them into your heart.
If your heart catches in your throat… ask a bird how she sings.
If you lose the key… throw away the house.

If the clock stops… use your own hands to tell time.

If the light goes out… wear it around your neck and go dancing.
If it’s the last dance… dance backwards.

If the sun never shines again… hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm.

If you’re afraid of the dark… remember the night rainbow.
If there is no happy ending… make one out of cookie dough.”

– Cooper Eden, “If you’re afraid of the dark, remember the night rainbow”


2 thoughts on “remember the night rainbow

    • …and i still have the piece of paper i wrote all of my favorite lines from it on my bulletin board 🙂 thanks fer lettin’ me peruse that juicy nugget!

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