LOL JK totes back!

I got to admit, guys. I was totes missin’ you guys. I can honestly say my Blog Funk 2010 is OVAH and I’ve got some exciting things a-coming up that I can’t wait to show on the blog.

So, guys, I have to apologize for my absence. Please accept this corny 80’s music video as my apology. Oh, and take out the “ain’t” part of “missin’ you”, to get the feeling I’m trying to put across:


My favorite part is when he angstily puts on his headphones in his bedroom that conveniently has a stoplight on the ceiling apparently?!?!?! Ohhhhhhh, the 8o’s ❤

But keep on the look-out for a new project I’ve been planning, entitled “The Taken Project” that I’ve decided to put on this blog, rather than make a new blog-baby. ‘Cause I ain’t no playuh. 

The Taken Project, as the name suggests, will totes be about bein’ a single lady. And me dancing in public like “Elaine” from “Seinfeld” 

True Story: J’aime danser comme “Elaine” dans ma classe francaise!!

and GOING TO HARRY POTTER CONVENTIONS(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and just enjoyin’ not having to text boyfrands back and enjoying being a…


Aw, hellz yeah.

So, in short. Get excited. Get yer pamperz on. ‘Cause I’m back, soul sistuhz.


love love love!


2 thoughts on “LOL JK totes back!

  1. wellllllllcome back!

    this post made me laugh out loud, people were starting to look at me funny… yeah, thanks A LOT MACKENZIE!

    can’t wait to read more funnies from you!!!!! have a great day!

    • This made me smile! 🙂 Glad to be back, too, homegirl! PLEASE POST MORE DELICIOUS BAGEL BITE CREATIONS. Or some of your drool-worthy cards. Oh, how I love both of them so 🙂

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