scavenger hunt;

A few weeks ago one of my good friends Roz challenged me and a few friends to a photo scavenger hunt. Being me, I decided to get the whole 16-item list done in one go. So with my trusty SPF 50 sunscreen, disposable camera (BUH-BYE, MY DEAR NIKON D40! I still pine for you in the night), and a few hours in terribly uncomfortable sandals, I got most of the items done on foot.

‘Cause I’m a beast. Naturally.

What was even better about this challenge was that I found pictures from eons prior were on the disposable camera. Hilariously awkward ones at that. Like awkward high school ones. And awkward current-age ones, as is to be expected. So without further ado, the findings of my scavenger hunt:

R1- 0A R1- 1A R1- 2A R1- 3A R1- 4A R1- 5A R1- 6A R1- 7A R1- 8A R1- 9A R1-00A R1-10A R1-12A R1-13A   R1-16A  R1-15AR1-14AR1-18A R1-19A R1-20A R1-21A R1-22A R1-23A R1-24A R1-25A 

…Yes, my dog loves me. 🙂

So I hope you cringed with love with those expired disposable camera pictures, as I surely did.

And speaking of scavenger hunts, wouldn’t you consider giving up your left arm for this dress?

Scavenger Hunt dress

‘Cause I’m definitely implying that I would 😉

Hope you  have a lovely weekend, darlin’s!

EDIT: This post made me completely remember the ridiculous scavenger hunt I planned last year that lasted 12, yes, 12 hours. And it was amazing. And had amazing tasks such as the following:

69. A break-dancing demonstration, including cardboard dance mat.


12. Slide down stairs on a piece of cardboard.

23. Go to the grapefruit section of a grocery store. Ask an employee for help and demand to know why the apples are so big


And that’s all this girl wrote! 🙂


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