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So, if you’ll forgive my pun, I’m totes just gonna make this blog into my craftin’ website, in hopes to assuage the fact that I am cursed at the art of job-getting. I’ve been crafting up some goodies like I’m a Keebler elf, in hopes of making some cute little trinkets for you to buy if you so desire!

Enjoy, my little cabbages! 🙂


Also, I ship anywhere for $5 if you don’t live in the area. If you’d like to order any of the following goodies, email me @ mackenzie[dot]filson[at]gmail[dot]com. 🙂



Currently for sale

“Fischblut” tote, in Red, $25. A recreation of a painting done by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, with a red background added by yours truly! Bag measures around 15’’x15’’

blerghflergh 217 blerghflergh 216blerghflergh 218 “Chicago” Tote bag, $25. A design by yours truly, inspired by the lovely city of Chicago.

blerghflergh 220 blerghflergh 221blerghflergh 223 blerghflergh 222 blerghflergh 224Beaded denim hand bag, $20. Denim hand bag made with vintage glass beads, bits of bandana, with a velvet strap, just ta pull it all together! Ain’t it cute?

totespresh 039totespresh 044totespresh 038 totespresh 041

Available styles (made-to-order)

-“Sea Serpents” tote, $25. One of my first bags ever! A painting done by Austrian painter that I recreated on a tote. I still use this tote today and it’s held up for over 5 years! water_serpents_by_mmackenzie

-“Stick That in Your Cat and Smoke it” tote, $25. One of my more popular tote bags, for the non-sensical tote bag lover in all of us! This is, in fact, a cat smoking a wooden pipe. Impress your friends at parties everywhere with this one of a kind conversation-starter for cat-lovers.

totespresh 037totespresh 039 totespresh 038

-“Fischblut” Tote, $25 in White. Another popular tote bag, based on a recreation of a painting by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. totespresh 041 totespresh 043 totespresh 042 -“The Beethoven Frieze” tote, $25. This is a recreation of a section of "The Beethoven Frieze" by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter active in the early 1900’s.

totespresh 045 totespresh 046totespresh 047

-“The Birth of Venus” tote, $25. A recreation of that one painting done by that one dude.  You know the one, right? 😉

totespresh 005totespresh 015  totespresh 013totespresh 018 -“The Great Gatsby” tote, $25. totespresh 006totespresh 008totespresh 003 


-“Classy Broad” Clutch, $5. Small clutch (Pink), can hold any size cell phone, “lady-time supplies”, if ya catch mah’ drift, and secret chocolates for only your knowledge! Made with vintage wool yarn and vintage buttons on both sides.blerghflergh 204blerghflergh 205blerghflergh 206 “Classy Broad” Clutch, $8. Medium sized clutch, large enough for a cell phone, wallet, make-up, and if you’re a nerd like me, I’d definitely use one of these to keep school supplies and pens! But that’s just me… Made with vintage wool yarn and oodles of vintage buttons on both sides.

blerghflergh 207blerghflergh 210 blerghflergh 209

“Classy Broad” Clutch, $10. Large-sized clutch, large enough to hold a small dog. Except not really. Large enough to hold cell phone, make up, pens and pencils, post-it notes(!!), and maybe part of a small dog. I mean, what? blerghflergh 211  blerghflergh 214 blerghflergh 213  blerghflergh 215

More to come later, my dears! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the eye-candy!

xoxo Mack-daddy.


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