a baby update;

Listening to some Vampire Weekend.

Inside the Boston Public Library.

All snuggled up in my brother’s sweatshirt and my new $5 Tar-zhaaaay beanie.

Belly filled with deliciously overpriced mall Indian food.


I think if you looked up “smug contentment” in the dictionary, you’d see this:


Oh blog, I missed you. I’m sorry I pulled out the skank card and was tramping it up with my paper version of you for the last few months. I can explain, really. Life’s been cray-cray lately, but I kind of miss this good ol’ blog. I think I am going to make more of an effort to update it, as much as I can with this crazy schedule o’ mine. At least as a chronicle of the things I’m doing, as most of my friends think I’m some sort of Carmen Sandiego and apparently have no idea where I’m residing right now?

And I guess I’m not making that easier on them by sitting in the Boston Public Library, but I’m all ‘bout that cryptic-ness.

So until then, friends, or whomever still reads this blog….

Peace out homeslices!

love love love!


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