to be surprised;


*The following segment of “Deep Thoughts with Mackenzie” shall be unofficially sponsored by the toe-tapping tune of “To Be Surprised” by Sondre Lerche*


To be completely honest I had no expectations for this trip. None. Zilch. Rien. Null. Zero. All I knew was that I would be spending many chilly, Bostonian nights snuggling up with my BFF as we undoubtedly watched Community re-runs and gallivant all across Boston, the city that sleeps a full nine hours and still manages to take frequent nap breaks.

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

Other than that I knew I’d see the odd beautiful library and such, but other than that I honestly had no expectations. Maybe it’s due to the fact that all my travel plans tend to turn into Seinfeld episodes scenarios, I think I’ve just maintained an attitude to not expect too much out of my trips should they just turn into a wacky plot that they tend to turn into. The possibility of someone stealing a loaf of rye bread from my apartment with a fishing pole is really not that impossible when it comes to my travel plans, I admit.

And as I find myself nestled here at Logan International Airport finding my way back to Orlando, I find myself only feeling completely, incredibly surprised.


Surprised that I found myself eating dinner at the top of the Prudential in Boston, surrounded by caviar-toting waiters and people I had met about 2 hours prior and my BFF and treated to a fancy dinner for free.


Surprised that I was surrounded by so many people I adored, eating lots of good, cheap food, in a chilly, little city that I really don’t want to leave.


Surprised that I found myself in the basement of an  MIT frat party with my high school valedictorian, just  straight up chillin’ with his frat broz.


Surprised that Facebook brought me and an acquaintance from New College together in Cambridge, where we spent the day drinking fancy coffees,  enjoying avocadoes, smelling old books, going through the contents of my purse at Harvard, and searching for beautifully creepy cemeteries.


Surprised that I got to be amongst thousands of other nerds at the Quidditch World Cup, where I may or not have accidentally had an entire crowd full of Quidditch fans see my derriere. But we won’t talk about that.



Surprised that I saw a lot more than just pretty libraries; 


College students atop broomsticks pummeling other college students atop broomsticks with dodgeballs, sketchy NYC delis, Central Park (where a crazy gymnast man purred and growled at me), a man on the T asking me on a date for his friend…

BAWSTUHN 182150074_10150093229855879_713080878_7247707_1920684_n

the MoMA (MY FIRST KLIMT PAINTING!), running into a person I have never met in person, only facebook friends with(?!?!) on the T,  my future workplace (30 Rockefeller Center)and so much more than my mind can even keep track of right now.76267_494978779714_520459714_7232736_7765095_n Ohai future workplace.

Surprised that a trip I just made randomly when I got a little money in my bank account a few hours earlier turned into something so incredible. And I know how corny that sounds. And even though my bank account is unsurprisingly barren at this point, I’m so content.

Surprisingly content.

So stay surprised, friends. Stay surprised. You might find a plateful of caviar in front of you or find yourself in the basement of an MIT frat party, which is a beautiful thing I think.

And not I’m off to go read a thesaurus to find other ways to say “to be surprised”, so if you’ll just excuse me…


currently listening to ‘can you tell’//ra ra riot


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