plain and simple;


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I just want….

….to let you know I appreciate you, my friends on Facebook who consistently (or inconsistently) click these links to my blog, my 3 (COUNT ‘EM) 3 Google reader followers, and any other people who find their way here. All of you. You are solid gold.

…to buy one way tickets. To lots of places. Just bop from one place to another like I’m some crazy Mexican jumping bean that I wanted when I was 7.

…to drink Arnold Palmers. In the grass of my backyard. With my dogs. Just that. Plain and simple.

…to let you know I have some cool $hizz planned for this blog. Pinky promises. Even pinky toe promises. Yeah, I went there.

…to play piano all day long. Until I give myself tendonitis. Okay, so a little bit before I give myself tendonitis.

to go back to school. And graduate. And study cool things like this. And just bask in my overly pretentious ambitions and just soak up knowledge (* fO EvAh*).

…to sing and sing and sing. In my mom’s car. In the middle of the library parking lot. With ((~*DA BASS TURNED UP. *~))

…to let you know I wasn’t joking about that. I really do want to do that. And actually did so tonight.

…to write grammatically incorrect poetry, songs, stories, and letters. Lots of them. All day, err’day.

…to sit in this book store all over again for an entire work day. Yes. Oh, hellz yes.

…to let you know that this song is the only song I have listened to in the last 48 hours.

…to let you know that everything feels like it’s going to be perfectly fine.

And that’s nice. Reeeeeeeal nice.

Plain and simple.


Silly me! I forgot the following…


I just want…

…a big ol’ Great Pyrenees.

A milky cup of tea.

10 hours of sleep to be a regular thing.

A big spoon. If you catch my drift.


4 thoughts on “plain and simple;

  1. So I randomly read one comment on Kendi’s blog and it’s yours. And I click to see your blog, then I read some more. Then I click to listen to the song you’re currently obsessed with, and I like it. Then I make a decision to follow because reading about real people’s adventures, or sometimes lackthereof, is hella way cooler than watching tv. Fun!


    • You are too sweet, and now I’m going to practice some good ol’ fashion voyeurism and check YOUR blog out! The blog world is magical, ain’t it ? 🙂

      Thanks for following and your sweet comment!

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