vielen dank, thank you;

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I’ve never been one for Thanksgiving. I think it just reminds me that it’s been nearly a month since my favorite holiday, Halloween. And in a way, that makes me sad and count down the months ‘til I can don a mask and eat lots of candy and watch Charlie Brown specials until I forget that I’m a nearly-twenty year old girl.

And besides, the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown isn’t even that good?! NO GREAT PUMPKIN?! OR ROCK PUNCHLINES?!

But I must give thanksgiving some credit, as it does make me feel all warm and tingly, what with all the autumnal scented candles, pumpkin spice lattes, and the following…

thank you, crooked knees for allowing me to walk, have dance parties in my bedroom, do yoga, and take my dog on walks through the park down the road. Even though you are crooked and make me look odd in jeans, you remind me that my grandpa had these same knees and that is enough for me.

thank you, bookshelves of books for allowing me to escape from work for a good 45 minutes on my lunch break. Whether it’s Tristan and Iseult or Zorba the Greek, you make me happy. Very happy. Like “oh man, I just acquired a basket full of puppies” happy.

thank you, Darren Criss, for allowing me many hours of escapism. And imagining that you are singing this song to me. And only me. NOT YOU. Just me.

thank you, all the cities I have not been to. I’m so excited to visit you. What with my twentieth birthday and a very important anniversary for me coming up, I’m bound to visit a few of you. Maybe Vienna? Or Prague? Or San Francisco? Montreal? Vancouver? Bilbao? PARIS?! Who knows, I don’t even know. All I know is I have a bunch of pay checks that are going to find their way being sent to Monsieur Airtran for a plane ticket to one of you. Get excited, I am.

thank you, all the things I don’t have. I’m glad I don’t have you, I don’t need you. Sure, you’d be lovely to have (more puppies, more plane tickets, a gentleman caller, a school to go to, money to pay off my student loans, a cute apartment in a metropolis far away from theme parks, etc.), but I don’t need you. I’ll have you some day, but I have some things to do before your arrival. And for that, I’m thankful you aren’t here yet. But I can’t wait for you to come! Just take your time.  Seriously.

thank you, all the things I do have, for that matter. A lovely old-man of a dog. A comfy bed. A good job for now. The freedom and time to travel. And act.  And sing . And create beautiful things. A lovely mother who begs me to hurry up at the grocery store so we don’t miss the History Channel documentary on the history of gravy. Lovely best friends who have stuck with me in all of my crazy antics and indecisiveness.

And you, whoever is reading this. I’m thankful for you. Whoever you are.

Vielen dank. Thank you. Merci beaucoup.

currently listening to: darren criss, serenading me. NOT YOU. did you expect anything less?


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