{if-i-had-a-sugar-daddy} 1;

Disclaimer; while I do not condone the using of a partner as a means to purchase fancy brassieres, vast amounts of puppies, and plane tickets to exciting locales, i do condone the daydreaming of said scenarios! I mean, who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery, or in this case, dreaming of wooing someone who won the lottery? And then proceeds to buy you fancy things you would never fathom buying? Ya dig?

So without further ado, here are the things I’d bat my eyelashes at my own sugar daddy for… (ugh, ending sentences with a preposition-ugh)


{if i had a sugar daddy} // 1

#1 mod cloth goodies;

(dress)                                                                    (bookbag)

(coat)                                                                                                  (shoes)

So, I hope I’m not alone with this, but I definitely spend most of my mornings before work having dance parties and dreaming up my ideal “sexy-yet-demure librarian” wardrobe. You know, that librarian who has enough class and style and coolness, but will still have the knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system to find that book you were looking for. Just me? Well, then that’s just awkward.  But anywhosits, here are my favorite picks for my sassy librarian wardrobe. And modcloth is the perfect place to build that sassy librarian wardrobe.  And that book you’re looking for? It’s 823.924 R797.  And right next to the Harry Potters.

#2 biking accessories;

(bike helmet)

So in between weekends spent on our catamaran off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, I suspect that my sugar daddy and I would spend our afternoons biking along the coastline, don’tchathink?! And doesn’t this helmet scream “Why yes, in between riding my purebreds and playing polo, I also like to practice proper bike safety and still look cute while doing so. Suck it.” I mean, am I right or am I right?

#3 possibly the most expensive dress i’ve ever coveted;


Sigh. I want to get married in this dress. And take naps in this dress. And ride bikes with the aforementioned helmet in this dress. And bake pies in this dress. And just live in this dress forever. And be that crazy lady on the news who gets interviewed because she has worn her wedding dress for twenty years. Yeah. Don’t judge me.

#4 the “yes, this really does exist” bed.


I’m just going to let this one speak for itself.

#5 darren criss.

Oh wait, how’d he get in there? Woops.

Sorry, I was just so distracted by the fact that he is wearing a Gryffindor tie and standing in front of a HP7 poster.  Way too distracted, on account of my “Harry Potter goggles” (instead of “beer goggles”). My bad (not really). D-criss, do you wanna be my sugar daddy?

I think this means I should go to bed already, in my non-tree-branched-but-still-cute-ikea-bed.

Yeah, once you start imagining your imaginary sugar daddy buying you Darren Criss’ love,  it’s a good sign you should go to sleep.


And on that note,

goodnight lovelies!


xoxo mackenzie


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