on resolutions, promises, and new adventures;

(where my shoes have been in 2010; harvard med, a pile of bostonian leaves, lincoln park next to abe lincoln, the victory gardens at the boston fenway) I don’t like resolutions because they usually institute the word “try”. I hate that word more than I hate a new Nickelback or Uncle Kracker song playing on […]

two thousand and ten;

In 2010, ladyfriend over here…. – withdrew from new college. a thing i had wanted to do 8 months earlier but didn’t have the “cajones” to do so. no regrets, best decision i’ve ever made. I’ve always been a very safe person. and some may regard it as ” a dumb, teenage decision”, but i […]

testing the waters;

                                                                         —via every few months or so  i find myself wanting to try a new artistic endeavor. whether it’s vegan baked goods, hollowing out secret cavities in old books (check and check!), or this time, poetry. it’s possibly due to the fact that i am one of those girls. you know. the one’s who are […]

don’t you just love;

 (regina spektor, please be my best friend.) don’t you just love those moments, when you really realize that god is laughing at your plans. those haphazardly, scrapped-together plans. the ones that were making you secretly unhappy for the present, but promised you’d be happier in a few months. that a cute apartment with a cute […]

it’s not christmas without dressing;

meine mutti at the biltmore house,asheville.  circa summer 2009 this actually happened today:   (at the grocery store) Me: *picks up poppy seed salad dressing* Hey mom, is it cool if I  get this dressing, it looks good… and stuff. Mom: ……No. *looks nervous* Me: *shocked at abrupt answer* Wait, why? ….Wait….DID YOU GET ME […]

the verb “to do”;

the beauty of being nineteen years old, is that you are truly accustomed to the traditional weekly identity crisis. these two quotes help me get through these days, where i only feel like huddling under my covers and daydreaming about what i want to do. and they get me out from under my covers so […]

sylvia, my dear;

    “would it be too childish of me to say: i want? but i do want: theatre, light, color, paintings, wine and wonder…”                       -sylvia plath, the unabridged journals of sylvia plath.     (oh s-plath, i really do wish you were still alive. i feel as if you and i would be […]