smug contentment ;



Igot my hair did. Can’t decide if it’s more “Amelie” or News Reporter from the early 2000’s. I’m hoping it’s the former.  And yes, my books ARE color-coded.

My brother is on his way to visit meeeee! Can’t wait for all his bitterly hilarious comments, him telling me stories, and to take him to Harry Potter World so we can get crunk off of butterbeer*

I officially have vegan cheese in my possession. It tastes like lactose-free love in my tummy. And like cheesy popcorn. I’d call that a win.

Oh, and vegan chocolate cupcakes?! With PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING?! Another win for me. Be my friend and I will bake you some. I wish I was joking. I need more friends. My dog is getting a bit tired of me conversing with him.

And a nice trip to the good ol’ library is in order for today. And this song is on repeat.

Now, if only Darren Criss came over with a bike pump to fill my beloved bike, Geraldo Rivera,  up with air and then agreed to go on a bike ride with me I think I might keel over with joy.

But then again, if he’s too busy being the most precious HP fanboy ever, I’m pretty smugly content right about now anyways. You can always come over later for some cupcakes, Darren Criss.

The door is open, sweetness!



What are you smugly content about right now, friends? Samosas in your belly? A full DVR calling your name like a siren?


*You can’t get crunk off of butterbeer. I know, I’m sad about it too.


3 thoughts on “smug contentment ;

    • DO IT! seriously, once you go ginger you won’t go back. mostly because red dye is the hardest to get out, but SO WORTH IT!

      oh man, if you ever find yourself down here, i will take you! i work at the parks so i get them free tix and SUHWEET DISCOUNTS!

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