in my ideal world;

4030519044_e9f2cee9ab_b_large         (Shakespeare and Co., Paris. One day, you shall be my reality. via weheartit)

In my ideal world…


…Every night, I would find myself surrounded by lots of sleepy puppies in my comfy bed. Great Pyreenees ones, preferably. But any type of puppy that has endearing, disproportionately large paws is fine with me.

…I would not be in the state of Florida. No need for explanation on that one.

…Kate Nash would be my best friend. And she’d give me haircut advice and write songs inspired by me and tell me that the dress I’m wearing makes my bum look good, in a oh-my-god-we-are-such-bosom-buddies-and-borrow-eachothers-dresses-and-stuff way. ‘Cause I’d love more than anything to have an English person compliment me on my “bum”. It’s the simple things, really.

…I’d live inside of an Anthropologie store. And Sallie Mae would stop emailing me.

I’d be able to relate to at least ONE Katherine Heigl romantic comedy. Just one.

…Each room of my trendy home  in some sort of metropolis would have lots and lots of flowers in them. Even the basement. And the attic. Okay, so I should be a little more realistic. I would only be able to afford a 1-room studio apartment. So, one vase of flowers is quite enough, thanks.

…I’d be able to swim in a sea of Modcloth dresses. Which is what I suppose Zooey Deschanel does to get her daily exercise.

…Work wouldn’t make me too tired to write coherently. Or too tired to play the piano. Or prepare for auditions. Because all three of those things would be my work. OH SNAP.

…I’d be back in school. Educating myself. Acquiring some of that knowledge stuff. But until that day comes when I get the thin letter/thick letter in the mail, I’m going to be learning a thing or two from Mr. Gabriel García Márquez.

…Um, this man. Would join me and the group of aforementioned puppies. Come on, you had to have seen that coming, right?


xo m.

What would be in YOUR ideal world? Lay it on me! 🙂

currently listening ‘have i the right’//the honeycombs.


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