just one of those days;



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…where the thought of work in the morning makes you want to scream, stamp your feet on the ground, and possibly repeat “I DON’T WANNA!” while you storm around the house, like your seven year old self.

…when only Ben Folds’ song “Narcolepsy” can truly sum up your feelings du jour.

…when your hot pink slanket and your mom are just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and sub in some re-runs of Modern Family and 30 rock, please.

…when a picture like this is all that it takes to put things in perspective. Have a crappy job? (I do) quit it (Don’t mind if I doooo! Oh wait, student loans. Woops). Worried you won’t even find your soul mate? Don’t. Just don’t. That’s about as productive as trying to trying to solve a differential equation by chewing bubble gum.

…when you can’t feel your extremities because of work. Even though you wore three layers of clothing. But it’s okay, because that paycheck is going to come in handy next month. (*cough* Cryptic Mackenzie mode *cough*)

…when a good cry in the car and a diet coke sipped daintily under the covers of your cosy, little bed is enough to make you forget the fact that you can’t feel your extremities.

…when you realize you haven’t played the piano in two weeks, and the “Keyboard Cat” jingle is stuck in your head. And it makes you feel incredibly mocked.

…when you realize that the door you just walked in is closing slowly but surely. But there’s a great deal of peace in that, because I can already feel a draft of cold air nipping at my toes from another door cracking itself open.


Let’s just hope this newly opened door doesn’t make me lose feeling in my toes.*

*oh ho ho! look at me being all metaphorical and figurative-like!


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